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  1. I am having a hard time finding Hickory in my area for BBQ. I have searched craigslist but everyone just has a pile of mixed wood for firewood. I live in Pittsburgh and hickory is not common. But when I go camping in mountains sometimes I may come across some.

    I have good access to apple and oak.

    The question I have is that has ayone ever bought any on eBay??? I found alot of different sellers: 


    but just want to know if anyone has ever ordered these? And any other wood "flavor" recommendations are appreciated. The weather is getting better and I am getting antsy!!! 

    Thank you!!!
  2. chewmeister

    chewmeister Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    If you're just looking for chips, pretty much any home improvement/hardware store should have them. What kind of smoker are you using? Depending on what you're smoking with, you could buy a AMNPS and some pellets. Lots of different flavors available. What kind of meat you're smoking usually determines which wood species to use. Hope this helps.
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  3. That's another thing. I have been researching what wood to use for what meat. I love doing briskets, ribsm turkey breasts, and pork butts.

    I have a Chargriller with side fire box. I did some mods that I found on here. I prefer the larger peices over the chunks in the store. Seems to get much more for the price. I am basically a beginner, been smoking for about 2-3 years.
  4. kapdon

    kapdon Smoke Blower

    Oak is great with brisket. Basically wood type or preference comes down to you. I don't know about ordering from online stores, seems the shipping cost would be way more then I would want to pay for a small stack. If you have never tried hickory then I would take chewmeisters suggestion and pick some up at home depot or academy and try it out before spending a lot on something that you don't even know if you will like.
  5. I have found hickory on eBay...20LBS worth for 18 bucks and free shipping..larger chunks, not the small blocks
  6. I have used hickory many times but cannot get in my area, not very common. I get lucky sometimes and find some when I go camping in mountains
  7. welshrarebit

    welshrarebit Master of the Pit

    What's everyone else in your area using? Everyone here uses Kiawe wood...
  8. I live in pittsburgh. I use oak and love using hickory...just cany get it easily
  9. kapdon

    kapdon Smoke Blower

    I know the feeling, I can get most anything here except fruit wood. I would love to get some cherry.
  10. cliffcarter

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    Go to WalMart, they've got hickory, apple cherry and mesquite. Or Home Depot, Lowes or your local hardware store. Seems like all the grocery stores sell bbq wood as well.
  11. kapdon

    kapdon Smoke Blower

    Greenboy probably could, but local stores dont work well for me. Fruit wood here is mostly chips. And it is double what other woods costs. Apple is the only fruit wood sold in mini logs, cherry is hard to find. If you do find it, you find it in chip form, not logs. I need something to accommodate my firebox...
  12. pighog

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    what's your location kapdon? I got cherry out my wazzu!!
  13. bishgeo

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    Home Depot here in Ohio has been selling bags of cooking wood. Oak hickory and pecan it says. They are splits not chips or chunks.
  14. timberjet

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    This is the perfect example of why you should include your general location in your profile. You don't have to get real specific just like something. With 75 thousand plus members chances are someone has access in your area. If only they knew where that was.
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  15. bishgeo

    bishgeo Smoking Fanatic

    Yep but he did say in his first post he lived in Pittsburg.
  16. timberjet

    timberjet Master of the Pit

    I take every opportunity to spread the word about that to new members. Just trying to help. It really is amazing how many people that there are and how they are everywhere. Awesome.
  17. wes w

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    Here in the Mtns. of NC.   hickory is very common.   I smoke everything with hickory.   I have oak on hand, but hickory holds a better fire.  One mature tree  will last me about a years.   I'm smoking something about every other week-end.   Of course,  I'm smoking with a wood fired brick smoker.    If you were closer, I'd give you all you wanted.   Hickory is free for the cutting in these parts. 
  18. oldschoolbbq

    oldschoolbbq Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Hickory is prevalent here in Ohio and  would think , in Pa. , also. Find some ( on a farm around you ) and ask if you may buy or Barter for theTree.

    Don't be afraid , all they can say is"NO". Begging is no problem for me . . . and watch the Tree Trimming guys. A little sample of your Meat  usuallydoes it. . .
  19. stickyfingers

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    Not sure if this will help but, in my area, wood for smoking can be found on craigslist when searching for BBQ Smokers.

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