Hi From Naples Fl

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Sep 8, 2015
Been a member here since 2015 and never posted. I'm usually on a different bbq forum. I'm a Kamado fan. I have a couple of them. I'm always looking for new ideas, recipes and a little BS on occasion. I've lived in Naples Fl for the last 40 years. I'm also into cars, do a bit of fishing and like to party in Key West.
Babybacks Dukes Mayo rub, .jpg
Cuban bomb.jpg
Kentucky Bourbon Shish Kabob.jpg
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Naples Florida. Nice town. I've got a few stories. What is that bacon wrapped thing? And a shish kebob on a cable? Never seen that! What other bbq forum were you on? Welcome!
Looks nice. Welcome to SMF. Glad you decided to chime in.
Hey Bearcarver I have used some of your stuff for a long time.
Hope you're feeling better.
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Welcome from Nova Scotia

I also was wondering what you have there that is wrapped in Bacon.
They all look good :)

That's a Cuban Bacon Bomb (no salami) Key West style


  • Homemade Cuban Bacon Bomb.jpg
    Homemade Cuban Bacon Bomb.jpg
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Welcome fltsfshr fltsfshr from a couple hours North of ya (Palmetto) ...

Maybe you might be interested in joining a bunch of us from the forums here... We have a gathering every year in Nov/Dec. in Sebring ...

Here's the thread for it ...
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