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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by the colonel, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. Hi I am the colonel from Israel. I started to take unterest in smoking a few month ago. I built a grill+smoker from a fuel tank to which I conected a fan.

    last week I smoked the first  chicken and it came out delicious.

    I am looking forward to a summer with a lot smoked meats.
  2. Welcome to SMF!

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    :welcome1: do you have any pictures of your buid? Why did you put a fan on it?
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    So you got ***
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  6. Welcome to the forum

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    Glad to have you with us at SMF! As a couple others have mentioned, what does your smoker look like? Sounds like a pretty innovative use of materials!
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    Welcome to SMF!
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    Colonel, welcome to the forum..... Great folks willing to share ideas and recipes are here..... Looking forward to pics of your smoker....   this forum can be addicting... enjoy the long smokey ride....  Dave 
  10. [​IMG]Nice to have you. We'd love to see your setup. We like pictures here. I will be in Israel for 5 days the last week of June. My last day I am spending in Tel-Aviv by the beach.
  11. I enclose a picture.[​IMG]
  12. alelover

    contact me before you come and we will meet.
  13. Welcome to SMF :welcome1: lots of great info here.
  14. as you can see in the picture below, I have 2 chambers. the left one is a grill but it is used also as coal chamber. The right one is the smoking area where I put the meat. the fan (low rpm) blows the smoke from the coal chamber to the smoking chamber surrounds the meat and then out through the chimney.

  15. welcome aboard mate
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    Welcome aboard!

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    Hello Colonel and [​IMG]  to SMF - great looking smoker 
  18. Welcome Colonel....glad you are here.........[​IMG]
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    colonel, morning....  Interesting design on the smoker.....   thanks for the pics....   Dave
  20. I will do that colonel. Looks like you are only about 30 minutes from the beach. I will be in the north at our corporate headquarters then down to Tel Aviv on Tuesday night. I'll be staying at 

    Sea Side Hotel Trumpeldor 20 , Tel Aviv

    I am heading back to the states Wednesday night.

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