Hey there from Utah!

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Aug 13, 2022
Northern Utah
New to the forum ( officially...but have been by multiple times for recipes :) ) and just now checking in! Been trying out new BBQ techniques over the last few years. Done the Traeger thing and have a couple of Kamado's that I use pretty frequently. Now I'm trying on my big boy pants and started to build a backyard offset with a 120 gallon tank.

ANY recs or tips are appreciated. I've seen a couple of calculators in regards to volumes (smoker vs fire box vs smoke stack) and whatnot. Really interested in everyone's two cents. I'm super psyched about smoking on a sick burner, but know that builds sometimes don't turn out well...and I really want this to be awesome.

Have an old 120 gallon air compressor tank from 1958. Its thick and seriously awesome. Have an old 80 gallon air tank that I was going to cut down for the fire box. Planning on insulating the firebox with fiberglass and using 3/8th steel to make a square outer for the fire box as well.

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welcome to the forum from minnesota! sounds like a great project you got going! hopefully the builders of these smokers will come along soon and give lots of good info for you.
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