smoker build

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  1. T

    Can this outdoor stove be converted to a smoker? What would be needed to purchase / install?

  2. Hangingmeat

    What metal to line smoker with?

    I am building a 40" x 40" x 5 feet tall smoker. Was wondering what types of material is used to line the inside of the smoker with and what thickness is typically used? Thank you!
  3. brandonthompson

    Is this unit suitable for a smoker??

    I recently started on this build and ran a smoke course through it last night. Through some pellets on a pan and set on burner. Temp held well around 180-200 but as pellets got hotter was more around 220 I noticed the panels at the end start bowing a little but wondering more about the...
  4. babydocsmoke

    Hey there from Utah!

    New to the forum ( officially...but have been by multiple times for recipes :) ) and just now checking in! Been trying out new BBQ techniques over the last few years. Done the Traeger thing and have a couple of Kamado's that I use pretty frequently. Now I'm trying on my big boy pants and started...
  5. J

    Stainless offset build

    Hey everyone, I'm just starting a Smoker build after coming across some 20" x 3/16" wall 316L stainless pipe at a friends shop. I'm roughly copying the franklin smoker design, with some tweaks to my liking. I know 3/16" is on the thin side for the pipe, but the thermal coefficient of stainless...
  6. D

    This might belong here

    Hi everyone. I was told that people here might like seeing this beauty. 4ft diameter barrel, 8ft long. 1/4" steel construction. 5 carousel trays with room for up to 2500lbs of meat. Was a project I designed and built for a friend a few years ago.
  7. A

    Exhaust collector

    I’m building a 1000 and a 500 gallon offset. Not sure how far below the grate should I start the exhaust collector at. Grate level? 2 inches or 3 inches below? I was thinking of running it 3 inches below and 3-5 above. So 8 inches tall.
  8. S

    Smoke Stack placement- advise needed

    Hey All, so i'm modifying my drum smoker. it's a horizontal drum and i'm moving the chimney. at the moment, it's at the top on the side. and i'm planning on moving it as per the below. the current location is really not feasible and it needs to be customised. so the template in the image...
  9. S

    Trouble with Heat Transfer on my DIY Smoker

    Hello all, Looking for a little help here! I helped a buddy build a very crude direct smoker a few years ago but other than that I have little to no experience with smoking so naturally I built a complicated offset smoker. I had the time and the materials were cheap so I went for it in hopes of...
  10. L

    500 gallon build

    Hello all. I’m going to build a 500 gallon Reverse Flow smoker .... I would like information from those of you who have done so, successfully. Currently, my tank is 108 inches long and a diameter of 34 inches. I would like 2 racks (full length) so I can cook whole hogs in summer (only using...
  11. MeatPopsicle

    Need help reading my tank badge!

    Long-time lurker, first time poster! Y'all have already been a wild amount of help, and I'm hoping you can "officially" help me with a pickle I'm in. I picked up my 150gal tank last week for my first offset build and have some concerning questions about the tank (now that my excitement has...
  12. L

    What brand of high heat paint is best?

    Hey all, new to the forum smoking and burning for a 1 1/2. Don’t know if I’m posting this in the correct place feel free to let me know. Well been smoking on a Dyna-Glo signature series not the best but hey, on a mission to build a custom smoker, I using 1/4 inch steel throughout and kinda...
  13. dacolson

    1st Build - Reverse flow - 48"

    I thought I was the first guy to buy a welder on a whim and start building fire pits. Hahaha. I'm graduating to building a smoker and decided on a reverse flow. I took a lot of cues from Allen's Welding on YouTube. Lots of great ideas. Got measurements from...
  14. tig65

    help with vents on 250 gallon RF

    I have been building a 250 gallon RF smoker the past few weeks and have almost everything ironed out except the vent for my firebox. Since my fire box is a 30” dia 1/2”thick pipe 32” long I can’t easily put vents on side of pipe leaving all vents to the door side. According to calculation I need...
  15. BourbonBladesBarbecue

    New member...KCBS Competitor/Judge. Amateur Smoker Builder

    Greetings to all! Excited to join the community. As the thread title states, I'm a KCBS competitor and certified judge/table captain out of Georgia. Competition team size of 1. Cooked in 5 events and placed in 3 of them. Spent the last two years judging to better understand the palettes of...