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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by al1395, Aug 6, 2015.

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    Hey everyone I'm Al from CT
    I just bought my first electric smoker.
    Really excited to learn the art of smoking! I had a smokehouse about a mile away from my job that I used to hit up for lunch. They closed recently and now I need smoked meats
    I am currently attempting to smoke some venison jerky I marinated it in some teriyaki sauce and put it in the smoker at 200 any tips would be greatly appreciated!
    I lookin forward to learning how to smoke and get to know all of you guys
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    Greetings Al and Welcome to the SMF Family...Lots of info and recipes here and a ton of guys burning Watts too. Use the Search feature to get hundreds of posts on using your brand of smoker and how to make it so" Set and Forget ", that you can do a 16 hour overnight smoke and still get 8 hours+ of sleep. You can also search any food item or meat, like your Jerky, and get info on how the folks with experience get it done right every time. Have a question? Post it in the appropriate forum and many answers and approaches.Since you are a Newbie to our world of Smoke, sign up for the Free 5 Day Ecourse that has a bunch of info to get you started and do so safely.

    Without greater detail on your Jerky, thickness of the strips, components of the marinade, the True Temp of your smoker measured with a known and tested accurate thermometer, not the one that came with the smoker, and the degree of doneness you are shooting for, tender and must be refrigerated or dry but not crumbly. Without this, it is hard to make a recommendation as to getting the best outcome. Theoretically, smoking Jerky above a true 160°F will eliminate any live Bacteria and continued smoking until dry, the surface begins to crack and splinter when bent in half, will result in a safe and tasty Jerky. Need more info...Take care...JJ
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