here is what a 16" smoker will hold

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  1. See a lot of posts from people wondering how big a smoker to build. This one is 16" deep, 32" long.  These are decent sized ( mediums) untrimmed slabs ( yes , I usually trim them but this was a last minute ideal) and some of my sausage.
  2. sorry...

  3. Hello RW.  C'mon now, I see a gap or two where another sausage or steak might fit in. [​IMG]   Good idea for a thread.  Always helps to have a visual reference.  Also looks like it's gonna be a GREAT feast.  Keep Smokin!

  4. I had a couple guys come in today to do some cleaning, figured I'd feed them since they came in on a Saturday. They left me 1/4 slab and one sausage!
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    With a rib rack you could probably get even more on there!!!  LOL

  6. [​IMG]   1 1/4 rack and 1 sausage?  Think you need to employ smaller folks.  Maybe Santa has an extra elf or two.  [​IMG]


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