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  1. So before I explain myself. First post on the forum. Been lurking for 3 years. Built a homemade smoker 4 years ago. Many recipes and 1000+ pounds of meat later here I am. I've done salmon a number of times now. Coho and other types. I bought a 15 pound whole Atlantic last week. It's been in brine for 6 days now. And will be smoking tomorrow morning. Last time I did salmon I did a brine for 7 days. Turned out great. No issues. But it's been a year since then. And I checked my fish today. Doesn't have an off smell. But there is a smell. Not rancid. Maybe it's just my nose playing with me. I'm just worried as I'm feeding 8+ people. Don't need anyone getting sick. The fillet are still the right colour. They feel fine to the touch. I'm just worried. Havnt seen anything on the Web that says 7 days is ok. I've seen 5 at the most. It's been sealed in containers and in the fridge since. Just looking for some input. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  2. Two questions, is it farmed salmon?  Because they have a higher fat content.  Secondly is the brine recipe the same?  All I can think to do is slice a little bit off, and just fry it up an see if everything smells normal.  You may also want to think about serving something else to your guests.
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    6 days in a brine?   Really?    What is the details of the brine?   That sounds way too long for any of my Salmon brine sessions.  The maximum I brine any of my Chinook Salmon is for 6-7 hours.
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    Are you going to hot smoke or cold smoke? I usually pressure can mine. I brine for 30 minutes to an hour depending on thickness. I will smoke it for 3 hours then can them. If I dry them for strips I will only go for 25-30 minutes then dry for 4 days and smoke for 4-5 days. When dried it really intensifies the flavor. Makes for good snacks.

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