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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by walleyeye, Jul 8, 2014.

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    My buddy got this smoker as a gift from his wife and is having a hard time keeping it at the right temp.

    Just in seasoning it he had it maxed at 700F and couldnt understand why he couldnt bring down the temp. The temp adjustment was already at its lowest setting.

    My suggestions to him were to soak his wood chips(he was using them dry), seal up all the leaks in the doors(pictures show lots of leaks) and to shelter his smoker from wind(really windy outside & with leaks that could raise temp), make sure his water pan always had water in it or try replacing the water with sand(heard some use sand to stabalize temps instead of water).

    I will say when I was there it didnt get above 350F so I'm not sure what the diff was.

    Do you guys have any more suggestions or input as to what to try [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]or do here? Please share.

    What would be a good gasket sealer for the doors? Felt, silicone or something else?

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    Hi, thank you so much for joining our forum!  Please go to Roll Call and let us know about yourself, and please enter a location in your profile!  There is also a Masterbuilt forum you can join too for further questions on your smoker.  One thing that affects smoking units greatly is how much wood chips you use - overloading it will cause higher temps and excessive smoke, both of which will degrade the quality of your finished product.  Wet or dry, you don't need much smoke to smoke meat - the smoke is best when it's "thin and blue", not billowy white and acrid.

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