Help with Bone In Pork Shoulder Roast

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Jun 14, 2013
Climax Springs, Mo
Grabbed an 11 lb pork shoulder picnic roast while at the store today. Never smoked one so help me out! Brine, marinate, inject, rub, etc? I am more of a spicy guy then sweet.
Probably going to hold off on this long smoke due to the AMNPS 5" x 8" I have never had any luck with. I have mostly done short smokes which I always have to babysit the AMNPS to keep it lit and to make around the corner. I mircowaved traeger pellets today for 40 seconds, lit one end, let it burn for 10 plus minutes, put it in mailbox and 2 hours later it is out. I have plenty of vent in box 7-8 1/2" holes and added a 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" square hole this afternoon while testing.
I have used this product about 15 times same results every time. Would love to go back to chip tray but have destroyed this smoker modding it for the mailbox.
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Many people use the AMNPS without the mailbox mod.

I have the mes 30 and set it right in the mes.
Relit it and threw it in the smoker and would not even produce smoke. I plan to test again tomorrow morning cause I really want to smoke this shoulder but I need to know the smoke is going to be there without me watching over it.
I do know that it has to be burning good before putting in the smoker.

Maybe damp pellets. I microwave mine to dry them.
I do 30 seconds then stir and then another 30 seconds.
Many people use the AMNPS without the mailbox mod.

I have the mes 30 and set it right in the mes.
Same as above. I set it on the two rods left of the chip tray, leave the chip tray out about 1" and leave the chip loader out about 1". Lit my pellets (oak) with out microwaving or drying, used a pencil tip propane torch and had them really hot, put out the flame and blew on the pellets to get them really red and put them in the MES. 1 1/4 rows filled (this was my first run) and it burned completely, TBS for near 5 hours with temp set at 100*

I live in Arizona and we have low humidity so that may make a difference. This was just a test run for me after reading about some folks struggling so I had to see for myself, I was very pleased.

Todd has some posts that may be helpful and he lists his cell phone if you really want to talk to him. Hard to believe he would do that but great business!
Yup, I called Todd and he got me going.

Mes 40 is set up different than the 30 thou.
Will give it anither try in the am plan to start my picnic shoulder late tomorrow afternoon. Sent an email to Todd.
Let her fire up, it's okay. I let mine burn hot, even encourage it with the torch a little. Then, I blow it out and continue to blow to get that bright red glow. I keeps wanting to reignite and I think that is good, it is hot! But when it is in the smoker and door is closed it is just all TBS.
Thanks for the link Bear that got me working real nice but at first I have to be watch it cause it likes to fire up.
Thats sweet you got it working.

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