Help! Wife is threatening to turn off the electric

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Ive been rolling along with my new MES30 that I got for xmas, and am gonna do a couple fatties for the Bears/Packer game this Sunday.  My problem is that my wife is a vegetarian and I always throw her Veggie burgers on the smoker and she likes them.  However, she says if she doesnt get something "special" off that thing, shes cutting the cord on it.  Any suggestions?  Im thinking the Green Bean/Onion/Mushroom idea looks pretty good....Anyone else?
Tell her that if she wants SOMETHING SPECIAL get off that vegetarian kick... then fix her a nice Rack of Ribs..,

You might try Some Mushrooms stuffed with Rice and Cheese...
I wish it was that easy.  she's been a weird non-meat eater since living in California years ago.  The Dr. said if she wanted to start eating meat again, she'd have to start with baby foods because her body has stopped producing the enzymes to help digest the meat.  the only time I saw her eat meat, was when she had half of a roast beef sandwich when she was pregnant 13 yrs ago.  And no, getting her pregnant again is out of the question!

And too much cheese makes her sick too.......My god, she has lots of issues!  At least the kids are full blown carnivores!
Man I don't know what to suggest. I am a full blow meatatarian  and so is my family so I have never ran into that issue. Everything I have ever cooked on my smokers is meat. Does she eat fish? Its seems like some vegetarians do? If she eats fish I would do some salmon or something like that.
You can make some good vegitarian stuff in the smoker;

Veggie ABTs (fill with cream cheese with rub and some minced green onion or fill with any flavored cream cheese in the dairy case).

Veggie Baked Beans

Smoked Mac & Cheese

Smoked Cheese

Smoked Nuts (mix with 3 parts honey to 1 part apple juice and salt to taste).  These are my wife's favorite from the smoker.

Smoked Potatoes (Baked or use in mashed potatoes)

Smoked cabbage

Smoked Veggies (lightly smoked)

I saw a link to a receipe for vegetarian jerky; did not look at it but you may want to take a look.

You could probably come up with a version of veggie stuffed green peppers.
Buy a wood smoker

This.  Right here.  Haha!  That sounds exactly like what I would have suggested.

More to the point, vegetarian dishes elude me, I'm an old school carnivore.   But try this one on for size:

Smoked Stuffed Acorn Squash

3 acorn squash

1 28 ounce can vegetarian baked beans

4 tbsp barbecue sauce

2 tbsp maple syrup

4 tbsp dark brown sugar

2 tbsp butter or margarine

1 cup hickory or other wood chips, soaked in water for 1 hour then drained

Cut each squash in half widthwise. Slice 1/4 inch off the rounded end of each half so the squash sits upright without wobbling. Scrape out the seeds with a spoon and throw away.

Mix baked beans, barbecue sauce, maple syrup and brown sugar in small mixing bowl. Divide mixture evenly among squash halves and top each half with 1/2 tablespoon butter. 

Smoke as normal, when the liquids start bubbling and carmelizing, you should be ready to serve
Smoked Mushrooms are a favorite at my household.  Anything you can bake you can make in the MES.  One of my favorites is to core an apple fill with a mix of cinnamon, brown sugar and butter.  Smoke for about an hours @ 250 with a light wood and serve with ice cream.
Can you get a new wife?

Seriously though, Something like a smoked veggie lasagna might work, especially if you go easy on the cheese. Maybe even something with smoked portobello mushrooms. They're nice & meaty tasting and can hold lots of flavour.
On the food channel they say "even a vegetarian can't resist bacon". Don't exactly know where you go with that?

Just my $0.02.

MES Smoker $298.00

AMNS Cold Smoker $29.95

Pork Butt $1.29 lb

Ribs $1.49 lb

I had an idea for smoked black beans and green chile tamales, just havent got around to it yet....I did do some smoked black beans... REALLLLY good.  Smoked them and added them to chili. 

Hey how about a vegetarian chili smoked....
stuffed bell peppers are really good on the smoker. You can stuff with rice and beans, and a little cheese (whatever cheese doesn't make her sick). Search for stuffed cabbage, I have seen a few on here that look really good!
She said she's gonna make some bean thing she likes and let me add some extra touches for the smoker.  I think I'm off the hook on this one.  She loves all your responses.  Theres no sense trading her in, no one else would put up with all my crap like she does!
Smoked Tofurky!

Another thing you can do for her is to smoke and vacuum seal a bunch of differant veggies (and a block or two of tofu). Then when she is making a sandwich or salad or anything else she could just pop open a bag of say smoked red bellpepper to put on top of a sandwich.

.... or you do what I do and make smart a$$ comments, and continue to work on my ducking reflexes....
She said she's gonna make some bean thing she likes and let me add some extra touches for the smoker.  I think I'm off the hook on this one.  She loves all your responses.  Theres no sense trading her in, no one else would put up with all my crap like she does!
Good to hear that you are off the hook! Stuffed peppers with rice maybe with her favorite veggies? Yellow bell pepper boats, perhaps? If she eats/likes butter, truffle butter with black truffles would be a fantastic option IMO with basmati rice and vegetables and beans. Good stuff. Eggplant steaks? That's another that butter could be used with. Veggie pizza or tofu sausage?

Enjoy the game Sunday!
Whatever you cook, smoke some bacon on the rack above it and don't tell her...she will think you are a god! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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