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help needed

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mykes84, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. mykes84

    mykes84 Newbie

    Ok so here is the deal,I lost my mother recently after a 2 year hard fought battle with cancer. Her memorial is Saturday and I will be doing 2 chickens whole,10+ lb brisket and a couple racks of st Louis pork spare ribs. I have a few successful smokes under my belt but this will be my first attempt at multiple meats... I have a master forge 31.9 elec water smoker..oak,mesquite,cherry,hickory and apple woods at my disposal(leaning towards hickory/cherry just from personal preference) and have plenty of time..thinking of an apple juice/honey/kosher salt/dill/white pepper for a brine on the birds,mustard binder with my own separate rubs on the pork and beef respectively..my question is say I want a 5pm eating time, and I give all the meat st least 12 hours brine/rub rest time,cooking at 225..brisket being 90 min\lb and chicken being 60min/lb and doing a 4-1-1 on the ribs(personal preference once again)..when would be the wrap time on on the brisket and how much do I have to worry about temp fluctuations from opening the smoker for all the different wraps/cook times? Any help would be appreciated and I would have searched it more but there's more pressing matters to tend to..thanks in advance for helping out a noob.

  2. I have a sandwich shop and cook daily on three MasterBuilt electric water smokers. I simply load up the box full of butt and ribs, charge the wood tray and set it for 210° for 12 hours and go to bed. Hope this helps.
  3. chef jimmyj

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    I'm sorry to hear of your loss, condolences to you and your family...

    At 225°F for the Brisket, I would plan on 2 hours/Lb with a 2 Hour CYA time at least, just to be safe. If the meat is done early a wrap in foil and towels in a cooler. It will keep it hot for about 3-4 hours. It is said you add 20 minutes to your cook time each time you open the door. So keep it to a minimum. You will be getting the Brisket in first followed by the rest. Many folks will say put the Chickens on the bottom and do so if convenient but it is not necessary as any dripping juices will cause no problems with the times the meat will be coming out and the rest. At the temps you plan to smoke at, the Chickens will not have crisp skin. So how do you plan to serve the birds? Sliced or cut up will be a PITA and people may not get the part they want. If you plan to just pull the meat and mix it together with a sauce then they can go in with the Ribs and then cooler for a rest while the Ribs finish. When ready for service, slice the Beef, pull the Chicken and reheat with some sauce of choice, if needed, and cut and serve the Ribs. Your choice of wood is fine and would suit a variety of tastes. Foil the Brisket at 165°F and figure your timing based on having all ready to go 3-4PM. Let the stuff rest in the cooler or holding covered in a 150°F Oven waiting to be served rather than have a bunch of hungry family staring at you and the Smoker. Best of Luck...JJ
  4. Myke....Morning... Sorry to hear of your loss, moms and Grandmothers are the hardest...will be thinkin about you this week...