Help. How should I cook these?

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Jan 28, 2019
Local grocery ad was advertising buy one get one free beef ribs. My wife went to pick a few racks up and this is what they turned out to be. Seems like strips from the Chuck or sirloin? How would you guys go about cooking these? My instincts say to treat them like strips of steak. Dang I’m disappointed. Seems like false advertisement honestly. Thanks y’all. E3057462-0DB9-4632-8877-508C5E06031B.jpeg
Cook them like any other low and slow beef. Cook til you like the color and wrap or pan and seal with a little liquid until probe tender. Quite good and you aren't buying bones.
They are pieces of Chuck, typically Chuck Eye cut in two. They smoke up just fine at 225-250, going until Probe Tender, IT in the 200°F+/- range. Good for Burnt Ends as well...JJ
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That is favorite store and the customer service outstanding! I just wish I lived closer. I go to the one in Plano and live in Sherman. They might be able to cook mid rare like a steak and be good?
Dang I’m disappointed.
I wouldn't be . Be great for burnt ends as mentioned above .
Smoke and pan , also mentioned above .
I think I'd be tempted to rip the thickness down over the height , but along the length . Marinade the thin strips , then thread on to skewers and grill over some hot coals .
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Thanks for chiming in fellas. I think I will take the advice and do burnt ends with one package at least. Sounds like a great idea.
I forgot to mention, my Wife and I grew up with our Dad's Charcoal Grilled Chuck Steaks, Med/Rare. They require a bit of extra Jaw work, but were Very Flavorful and not too tough overall. We will still Grill 1 inch thick Chuck Steaks, when on Sale, for nostalgia and they are tasty...JJ
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