"Help" Built it for myself...

Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by 91nite4x4, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Hey All !

     My dilema, I built a very nice portable smoker for myself.

    I have some orders for similar ones from friends and family.

    If I decide to go big with it what suggestions do you guys have for Marketing and Advertising a cool new design?
  2. bamafan

    bamafan Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    Got any pictures? If it's a good cooker I'd take it to some of the local comps and let folks sample the goods?
  3. Heres the latest photo

  4. Currently building a really cool barn/hay loft design smoker with a gambrel roof for a friend.

    I'll post some pics when its closer to being done.
  5. You need to think about obtaining a Lawyer to write a set of directions on how to use the smoker, warranty etc.. A business license will be a plus when you do your yearly finance reports. You will need to obtain Insurance for the person that decides to put that great looking smoker in his basement and try and smoke 16  eight pound pork butts at one time and burns his house down, but before anyone will insure your product it will need to be UL listed which will cost about 100K. I'm sure their are 100 other things you will have to do but thats just for starters.

    I think you have a great looking smoker and hope to see them lined up at Cabelas soon, Good luck on your venture!!!!!
  6. meateater

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  7. You mean some of the people in OUR great northwestern state of Washington would actualy put their smoker in the basement. Haha

    Well as you know there is a nice big Cabellas down by Olympia and a new one is proposed to go in by Oak Harbor.

    Started the legalities etc.. and Sporting good stores are only interested after a UL approval. So good call on that one.
  8. michael ark

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    First thing i would look into is how to become a L.L.C or limited liabelity company but a lawer can do that for you.Get on shark tank next and then make your millions.
  9. smokinal

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    Nice looking smokehouse! Have any pics of the inside?
  10. X2 what Al said. What does it look like inside?
  11. X2 what Al said. What does it look like inside?
  12. Inside..

  13. mossymo

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    Very nice, your work is clean and professional... well done!
  14. fpnmf

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    Looks real nice!!

  15. Well I was only building it for myself.

    I can see many ways of improving on the design and would make the finished product even more polished with the next one.
  16. Nice job on the interior, very proffessional, I sent you a PM.
  17. roller

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    I remember you posting this smoker while you were building it or when you had just finished it..It is really good looking smoker and very well built. I really like the design. I think you got money there...[​IMG]
  18. Cant wait till I can show you guys the next one!
  19. Stopped at Pike Place Market in Seattle this morning!

    Fresh caught King Salmon on some smoke right now!

  20. roller

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