Help brisket too big for MES 30!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by fa1321tx, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. fa1321tx

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    My goal is to live on Lake Conroe one day.
  2. I hope you get there sooner than you hope far

  3. fa1321tx

    fa1321tx Smoke Blower

    And so it begins!
  4. Looking Good !!

  5. fa1321tx

    fa1321tx Smoke Blower

    I wasnt getting much smoke so I removed the chip loader and it seems to smoke better?
  6. fa1321tx

    fa1321tx Smoke Blower

    Smoking now!
  7. bregent

    bregent Smoking Fanatic

    >  Once the initial work was done I noticed it is too big for my MES 30.

    I don't own a MES, but having a hard time understanding why a 10lb packet won't fit. Isn't the MES 30 inches across?
  8. fa1321tx

    fa1321tx Smoke Blower

    It did fit but just barely you can see in the photo it pretty much takes up the entire rack.
  9. Give us an update in the morning. Good luck. 
  10. bregent

    bregent Smoking Fanatic

    Ah, I didn't see the pic. I never made it off of page 1 :)

    Still, hard time believing a 10lb takes up that much space. Could it be mislabeled and weigh more?  Isn't the inside dimension around 30" across?
  11. ozsmoker

    ozsmoker Smoke Blower

    No, not even close

    The racks are 14.5" wide with an 18.5" diagnol
  12. foamheart

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    It wouldn't fit in anyone's MES30.

    I would cut cross grain on the flat about 3 lbs off so it would fit in my MES30. I grind that and use it for chili. No biggie. Cutting a triangle across the grain, makes sure you know how to slice when done (Its a bit harder to see, and sometimes a challenged Brother-in-law just don't get it), Also it fits corner to corner.

    Its one of the advantages of the MES40, briskets fit and so do spare ribs without cutting or rolling.
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  13. bregent

    bregent Smoking Fanatic

    Oh,  The 30 is height. I thought it was width - duh!

    I've got a GOSM that's 16x16 and I've crammed a few 12lb'er into it, but it ain't pretty. Can't wait to see how it turns out - send pics when she's done.
  14. Well   -----    How did it turn out ?

  15. fa1321tx

    fa1321tx Smoke Blower

    Done the toothpick cut into it like a hot knife through butter. Wrapped 2 layers of foil 2 towels and stuck in cooler filled with blankets. Forgot to snap a picture will do that before I slice it up. Slicing tips?
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  16. Cool, can't wait to see. sounds like a successful smoke

  17. I usually get mine at Sam's  we don't have a Costco here in Tyler

    I do a lot of Briskets here are a few post I did, may be something in there that might be useful

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  18. foamheart

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    Dang he wrapped it tight in that foil....... I can't smell it! But I figure thats a good thing or I be digging thru the freezer looking for old leftovers!
  19. fa1321tx

    fa1321tx Smoke Blower

    Gary those are great post I wish I would have read then before I started. I am pretty sure my brisket is choice and I know it had a huge fat cap and I considered trimming it but my kitchen knives stuggled last time I tried to trim one. If you know of a good post on slicing a cooked brisket post it up please!!
  20. whistech

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    I live between Spring and the Woodlands in Spring Trails.     The new Costco on 1488 and I-45 has Prime briskets or did last week end.     I really like their meat.

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