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I posted this after Thanksgiving. I wanted to post it again for those who have questions, are need help.



Gary's East Texas Style Brisket, Ribs & Beans


                 Outside temp was 45°


5:00 AM - Make Coffee

5:05 AM - Fired up Smoker using my trusty old weed burner

5:10 AM - Pulled Brisket out of Fridge

5:11 to 5:40 AM - Drink Coffee

5:40 AM - Trim Brisket, Season and get ready for the smoker

6:00 AM - Smoker at about 250° Put on Brisket

6:03 to 7:00 AM - Drink more coffee glance at smoker every

                                     once in a while.

7:00 to 7:30 AM - Ran to the store to get stuff for Beans

7:30 AM - Threw another split on the fire

7:30 to 11:00 AM - Throw another split and a little charcoal 

                                        every so often.

11:00 AM - Start browning bacon, cutting up onion, peppers,

                        and bell peppers for beans (Dutch’s Wicked Baked Beans)

11:20 AM - Took Baby Backs out of fridge, trimmed, pulled off membrane

                       seasoned and finished putting together the beans.

11:30 AM - Ribs and beans ready for smoker.

11:55 AM - Pulled brisket off to wrap, put on Baby Backs &Beans

                       Brisket back on, put another split on the fire.

1:00 PM – Spritzed Ribs  (Apple Cider), everything looking good

1:20 PM – Added another split and started another chimney of charcoal.

1:30 PM – Added charcoal.

2:00 PM – Pulled Baby Backs wrapped and back on.

2:00 PM - Outside temp 60° Cloudy and damp

2:40 PM – I checked the temp on my brisket, this is something

                     I hardly ever do, simply because I have cooked so many

                     I can tell by feel and looks. But the temps were 180 at the

                     big end (Point) and 190 at the small end (Flat), after 8.5 hours,  

                     getting close.

3:20 PM – Added a little more charcoal, unwrapped ribs and brisket.

                     Temps were 196° at the flat and 190° at the point.

4:00 PM – Pulled the Ribs and Beans.

4:15 PM – Pulled the Brisket. Just a little over 10 hours today.

                     203° at the flat and 212° at the point

                     (a little higher than I like at the point)

                      That’s why you just can’t go by time, it was done quicker

                      than I had expected .

I started out with my temp at 250° but let it ease back to 225° and held

that the rest of the smoke. Used Hickory and a little Pecan.

Also, you guys and gals who have a side burner on you grill its great for starting you chimney.


4:30 PM – Everything resting till supper time. Yum Yum




$2.99 a Lb. Brisket





$2.99 a Lb. Baby Backs







Brisket ready and waiting on me







A little EVOO, Salt & Pepper and waiting to go on the smoker






Brisket Seasoning, (Top Secrete)





Using my side burner to start my Chimney 





Brisket looks pretty lonely all by it's self





Ribs getting ready to be trimmed up





Pulling the membrane off the backside





This is all I trimmed with the membrane




A little mustard today





Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans Waiting to go on





Baby Backs seasoned and waiting





Butcher paper (Actually Parchment Paper Here) ready for the brisket





Brisket after 6 hours getting ready to wrap in butcher paper





Wrapped and ready to back on the smoker





Smoker looks a little better, brisket not lonely anymore





Ribs after 2 hours getting ready to be wrapped and back on the smoker





Everything unwrapped and back on to finish up





Beans are ready





Ribs and Brisket Ready





You can see I had to have a sample   resting a little more





Ribs ready to be wrapped back up  for grandson





Brisket, sliced, super tender and juicy




Bottom Side



My supper      Forgot the Ribs   





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Nice , Gary...:drool looks like you get :


I'm Smoking Sunday ...stay tuned for the show....

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Oh I'll be watching



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That was worth a second look.

Happy smoken.


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Thanks David

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Wow, nice smoke Gary ! Everything looks sooo good.... My next brisky, I think I'am gonna try the butcher paper as I've not tried that before..... Ribs & beans look great as well..... All around just a great thread !

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Butcher paper I have seen has plastic on one side, does it melt?


Why use butcher paper rather than foil?




Foil keeps the juices inside. Does the butcher paper?

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I use non-coated    Butcher paper hold in some of the juices and moisture, but lets some escape and helps in keeping the bark firmer 



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The brisket and ribs look great Gary.  Where did you get a brisket for 2.99lb?  I can't find anything cheaper than $3.99(select) and that was at Sam's.

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Originally Posted by treetopflying View Post

The brisket and ribs look great Gary.  Where did you get a brisket for 2.99lb?  I can't find anything cheaper than $3.99(select) and that was at Sam's.


I usually buy most all my smoking meat at Sam's   I looked at the picture again, sorry that was the Baby Back's and they were on sale at the grocery store



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Thanks for the play by play, going to be giving this one a try ASAP! 241.png

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Good, I'll be watching



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What type of butcher paper can we use for brisket?

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I think the last roll I bought was at Sam's   Grocery store is where I have gotten it before



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Oh my gosh, thank you so much for the tip on lighting the charcoal on the side burner!   I can't believe I never thought of that, and my grill is 5 feet from my smoker lol.


thanks again!

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Here is my Senior moment , I was getting ready to light a chimney of lump, I sat the Chimney on my side burner  while I was getting a piece of news paper, when I came back and saw it sitting on the burner I said "Duh"  so that's how I started using the side burner.



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Ha!  Sometimes that is just what it takes for a great idea to blossom.   Can't wait to do it, so I guess I better smoke this weekend!

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Your brisket looks great!!!!

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That's a gorgeous brisket!
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This looks so good Gary, I am going to try making brisket for the first time for 4th of July. 


I have cooked several chickens, ribs, pulled pork(pulled port only once) and one salmon(not at one time of course), so now it is time to try brisket as I am in Texas :)


I am definitely going to follow above when making it. But I am not sure if I should use my "own" rub or just salt/pepper which I believe is the real Texan style.

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