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Jul 16, 2007
Westville, Indiana
Hello every one my name is Larry and i am new ti this site and new to the great life of smokin meat!!! I am located in Northwest Indiana , i am 39 yrs old have 2 girsl that think im the best cook in the world
and my wife just thinks im nuts!!
right now the smoker i am using is a Char-Broil American Gourmet yet it is very small and cheaply made but i am in the process of building myself a bigger and better one (i hope) lol i am a tool and die maker so i have most things at hand for machining what i need i currently have 2 smokes under my belt the first was a 6 lb Boston butt i thought it turned out pretty good some bites seemed a little heavy on the smoke side but for most part was real please with the turn out 2nd smoke was this past weekend i did BB ribs and pork steaks i used the 2-1-.45 on both of them the ribs also turned out a little heavy on smoke and i didnt care for the pork steaks at all they were real heavy on smoke how ever my girls and wife loved the porksteaks...go figure!!! for fuel i am using Royal Oak 100% natural and adding hickory wood chunks for smoke i was adding 3 to 4 chunks( baseball size to softball size) every 15 min or so for smoke could that be my problem??? look forward to talking with every one will close this for now and pos tpics of my first smokes in a bit
Welcome, sounds a little heavy on the chunks. I use the Minnion method(do a search) and put some scattered through the unlit charcoal then throw a couple of chunks on the lite chimney in the middle to start the smoke. Then as the other charcoal lights it will get the other chunks at random, Are you soaking your wood, some do, some don't.
Hi Larry:

Welcome to SMF, the land of greatQ and helpful and friendly people. Next time take some photos, we love to see the accomplishments.
Good to see that you finally made it in!

Welcome! And we'll be watching for more from you and do not be afraid to ask from us!

Welcome Larry!
Too much smoking wood!
2-3 chunks should give you smoke for a while. You won't always see smoke but you will be able to smell it. If you can smell it your smoker is doing fine in the smoke dept. Remember, you want the "thin blue smoke", not big clouds. The thin blue should pass right through your smoker and just "kiss" what you are smoking.
Practice is the thing. Keep smoking and in no time you will be there.
Smoke on! And post some pics of your smoking adventures.
Hello Larry,

Nice of you to start the week by joining the SMF. You'll have access to some really good advise from folks who have been there and done that.
Welcome Larry, the SMF is like no other... you are one of us now... resistance is futile.

I concur with the too much smoke verdict... you want the thin blue. Took me awhile to understand that, but that is what it is all about...

Again, welcome aboard!
Welcome Aboard Larry -

Glad you finally got in here - sorry you had a bit of a problem but I guess all these brwoswers and such can create havok sometimes. The main thing is your here with us now!

I would recommend until you discover how much smoke you like to go light on the wood say one chunk until it's almost gone, then add another. It won't be long and you'll know just what is right for you! Also note that some woods such as hickory have a strong flavor and can be easily over powering.

I have a little guide on my website I put together for everyone here, of all the woods we can use and what to expect from them - it may help you along. It is 6 pages long so it might take a little while to download.


Again welcome and enjoy!
Welcome Larry. Hang in there. This is an on going learning adventure for all of us even the most experience. It just makes successes that much sweeter.
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