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Hello from WI

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by kilo95, Dec 6, 2018 at 2:44 PM.

  1. Hello all. I'm new to the forum but have been a small home smoker. My last smoker was a homemade redneck smoker made from two 55 gal metal drums. I'm looking to get something along the lines of a Yoder offset or a Lang 36 or 48 patio or Lang 36 Hybrid Patio. Anyone with a Lang? Will the Reverse Flow plate easily come out of it? I was thinking of using it as a grill also. (remove the reverse flow plate and get more direct heat. It's either that or put a basket on top of the plate with coals for grilling. I live in Green Bay WI but am from Mississippi. (Real BBQ is lacking from the restaurants I've seen up here. I think there's a new one I may have to check out.

    5GRILLZNTN Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    Welcome from Middle TN! There is certainly some good Q in Delta Land!
  3. Welcome to SMF. Sit tight as I am sure a few Lang and Yoder users will chime in.
  4. thanks!
  5. Hello and welcome from, hopefully, a fellow Packer fan with ties also to Mississippi (attended USM).
  6. Thanks! Mississippi College here.
  7. kruizer

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    Welcome to SMF from Minnesota.
  8. CombatBarbecue

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    Hello fellow newbie. I am also in Wisconsin by way of Texas. Kind of funny you mention real BBQ joints lacking up near Green Bay area. Feel the same, and I am attempting to remedy that.
  9. I’ve heard that ZZQ on the north side of Green Bay is good but I haven’t been there uet
  10. CombatBarbecue

    CombatBarbecue Fire Starter

    I am down in Appleton and don't make it toward Green Bay that often, but just looking at their website looks really good. Also I have heard Joe's Texas Barbecue is good but I also have not tried it. The few times I have went up there to get some they were closed and also might have moved. One huge difference up here I have noticed though is unlike down in Texas, brisket up here doesn't seem to be a focus of much BBQ. Which to me is a travesty.
  11. I agree. Casey’s BBQ in Egg Harbor is pretty good. I’ve done quite a few batches of ribs on my old smoker. When I get my new one I want to perfect brisket and chicken
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    Welcome to the site, glad to have ya join up.

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    Welcome to the Smoking Meat Forum family kilo95. I've been running a Lang 60 Deluxe for nearly 10 years now. The Reverse Flow plate is not removable; but if you want the additional option of being able to grill, I would suggest looking into getting a Lang with the Chargriller option.
  14. TomKnollRFV

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    I don't know any thing about Langs and that. Out of my league, but we got more then our share of Lang owners who I bet will chime right in. :)

    I'm down in Neenah WI my self and can tell you if you get this way to hit up Parker John's. They do some killer BBQ. You know, what with us Wisconsinites having to learn to do briskets in blizzards, I'd like to think they do some darn good Que. They're my standard for my own ribs.

    If you guys in WI ever want to do a meet up, I've been wanting to start a WI one for a while :)
  15. I like the size of the Lang 48. The 36 seems a little small but the Lang 48 hybrid is a lot more expensive
  16. dutch

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    The other option then is to get the 48 and a stand alone charcoal grill.
  17. yes, that is an option
  18. SmokinLogs

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    Welcome to SMF from Indiana!