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Jul 22, 2007
Hello everyone my name is Chris.
The other day I had an itch for some brisket, and didn't want to pay the huge price of buying one from a BBQ place, so I decided to try and make one for myself.

I found a recipe online and had everything made up last night. I am using a Weber 22" One Touch grill. I just happened to find this place via Google, and found lot of good info to help me along the way. I had some oak and plum wood, so that's what I used. I woke up early this morning to get the whole thing started. I had a few problems controlling the temp. I was at 250, but when I closed of the bottom vent enough to get the temp to around 220, the coals would go out. I finally got the temp down by removing some coals, but they were also hard to keep going. After around 10 hours, I decided to pull it and finish off in the oven. Where it sits now. I will let you know how it turns out when its finished. I hope it comes out OK. :)
Hi Chris, welcome to SMF. Lots of great people here to guide you along the way. There is a free 5 day course that Jeff offers that is worth signing up for, a lot of good information.

We love to see photos of your smoker and latest tasty offering so feel free to post some pictures.

Good luck with that brisket!
Hi Chris ,welcome to SMF!
Hope your brisket turns out Ok.
Be patient for the internal temp to get up there.
Don't forget to take pics.
Welcome aboard. You're well on your way with your brisket. This is the place to get the answers to your questions as they pop up. Looking forward to hearing how your smoke turns out and a few Q-view would be appreciated by all.
Hello Chris, and welcome to the SMF. This site is the real smokin' bomb!
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