Hello from Portland, OR

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Original poster
Sep 26, 2022
Hey folks! Happy to be here.

I've been casually BBQing (ribs, chicken, pork, brisket, everything) on a pellet smoker and dehydrating jerky for the past few years. This year I decided to level up, invest in some new equipment, and take on some new challenges. I picked up an upright freezer to allow for larger batches and greater variety, a sous vide, vacuum sealer, and more recently, a meat slicer and a grinder.

I'm frugal and hesitant to throw money at hobbies, but all of this equipment has opened up new culinary doors. Things are getting wild. I'm prepping my first batch of snack sticks right now, and have my second batch of bacon curing in the fridge. Next on the agenda is homemade sausages, and then at some point (probably next year) I'd like to try my hand at dry cured meats.

Looking forward to learning from you fine folks, and leveling up my smoking and sausage game. 👍🏼

Scroll through to see some pics of recent projects:

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