Hello from AZ!

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Original poster
Nov 18, 2016
Phoenix, AZ
Hey everyone! Been reading the forums for a couple weeks and finally decided to join.

About me:
I'm only 25, so still young in the smoking world. I live right outside of Phoenix, AZ so smoking isn't really a big part of the culture here compared to other parts of the country. I mostly just smoke by myself (with help from the fiancee and the pup) in my backyard, but would like to do a comp soon.

What I use:
I just use a 28" weber kettle grill I got from Walmart for about $60. I mostly smoke using the minion method, which is really the only way to go with this grill. Never used a thermometer or meat probe, just go by color and feel, and my family says the food turns out better than on their masterbuilt with all the bells and whistles, so maybe I'm onto something here :)

Enough about me though, I'm just excited to learn from the best on here at SMF!

P.s. I did my first brisket last week and it turned out pretty good. I'll have pics up soon.
Welcome to the forum!  I am a huge Weber fan!  I pay more then 100 bucks for a 22.5, I need a Walmart like yours!

Haha yea it was a good deal. It was near the end of summer, and it was the floor model (they sold out of the stocked ones) at the outdoor portion of my WM, so it didn't come with a box or anything but I'm pretty sure that's why it was cheaper. But, it was sitting outside in the direct sunlight in 115* az summer heat. That black metal was not fun while carrying it to the car
Thanks! I was a little worried at first because it didn't have any of that 'jiggle' people talk about, but it turned out pretty tender anyways after slicing it.
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