Hello everyone. I am Mike. New here and new to smoking meats. I look forward to learning more about all this.

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Welcome to SMF Mike!

Lots of great people and knowledge in this group. Don't be shy about asking questions, or interjecting with something you've learned that may help the rest of us.

Looking forward to seeing what you make.
Welcome Mike!! Great forum here with great People!! Sure you will learn a lot!!
Welcome. I'm bi location. Happily in central Florida. Head back to Minnesota in May.

If you want a suggestion to get started, smoke a pork butt. Forgiving on temps as long as you get it to poke (probe) tender usually around 200+° internal temperature (IT).
im New here too,but welcome aboard from the backwoods of north Alabama. Most of the guys on here are next level chefs!
Welcome to the fun Mike! I'll echo what Cranky said already - if you need help, just ask! We've all been noobs at one time or another, and most of us learned much of what we know about smoking, grilling, and all forms of outdoor (and even indoor) cooking right here in these forums. And we all like to pay it forward by helping new folks along when we can.

Have fun and Happy Smoking!

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Edit: Oops, I had two threads posted and sent the replies to the wrong posts....

Mikey, I'm in Pinnacle, NC about a half hour north of downtown Winston-Salem. Where are you?
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Welcome from Ohio Mike. Like others said ask away when you have questions. People here welcome them instead of roasting you for not searching.
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