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Jun 13, 2007
I'm new to the forum and to smoking. I live in the Boston area. I have an Original Bradley electric 4 rack smoker. So far, I've been successful creating the best pork butt and spare ribs that I've ever tasted. Chicken is on deck for this weekend. I've heard the beer-butt method is the way to go. Any suggestions?

Welcome aboard! Well the beer can method is a great way to have some very juicy and flavorful chicken. You could also soak it in a brine and rub some EVOO under the skin with your favorite rub. Crank the heat up to about 250 even up to 300 if you want crispy skin.
I would also recommend a brine. After you use one I think you'll be convinced. It just adds so much juiciness and flavor to poultry.

I use kosher salt, brown sugar, maples syrup, water, orange juice, rosemary and cut up oranges but there are many brines out there and you can really add anything you want in additional to the salt and water. Make sure you brine in a food grade bag or container.
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Welcome Manderso -

Brine is definately the way to go. When you some chicken tur up the heat a bit if you can say 275°F to 350°F. You'll get a crispier skin.
Ive done a few drunk chickens before. Ive brined and I've not brined, to tell you the truth I cant really tell a difference between the two.
Every chicken I have done with the can have turned out plenty juicy even without brining. But thats just my 2 cents worth.
Im still working on the crispy skin though, all my skins have turned out rubbery, tasty, but rubbery.
I've done the cans, I've done em plain, I've done em brined

In my book brines the best! It absorbs the spices in the meat. Yummm

Course I also inject em!
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