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Hi all,

Greetings from Michigan. Well not new technically, I have been on a long break. Returning to the forums after several years. I have and have had several kinds of smokers, electric, propane, kamado, offset, and pellet. But after my Louisana vertical pellet failed yet again, I decided it was time for a new pellet. I took advantage of the Recteq Memorial sale and bought the Flagship XL 1400 bundle. I was gonna push the vertical Louisana to the curb, but decided o will srtip the guts and turn it into a dedicated cold smoker for cheese and such.

I have learned so much over the years here and decided it was time to come back and see whats new. Always a great place for recipes, mods and knowledge. Does anyone have the 1400 XL? Curious your thoughts so far and how its performed since its a newer model.......Matt
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Welcome back Matt glad to see you back around
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