Heatermeter Pit minder

Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by paprika pal, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. Here is the picture instead of the URL above.
  2. dirtsailor2003

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    Haven't ever heard of it. But I'll hang around to see how it works for you. What was the overall cost?
  3. I am guessing the overall cost to be around $150 once it is complete.  I really wanted the Stoker however I did not have $400 to spend on that.

    I already have the probes from my Maverick and I was using an induction fan on my pit already, with manual control. (Wind can blow quite a bit here in Nebraska, sometimes its better to make your own that is consistent) 
  4. Parts should be here today. Feels like waiting for Christmas morning when I was five. :)
  5. Parts came in. 

    Now to put it together.  This could take a bit.
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    Looks very interesting. Are you going to use raspberry pi? Would love to have multiple remote thermos on my phone. This might fit right in with my next build.

  7. So I have Soldered the board and connected the Raspberry PI.

    The Raspberry Pi is on the back.

    So I need to fix a little solder that is giving me a false reading. Soldering this board was not difficult however the board is very tight as you can see.

    Connected to my home router

    Logged on and viola it works.  This is the first DIY project like this I have ever done and it works.  I would say most anyone can do it if I can. Can't wait to try it out.  Waiting for probes and a Wifi adapter.

    The assembly page that CapnBry has put together does not show how to flash the SD card with an Apple computer.  Here is a screen shot of the software that I used.  It must have worked.

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