Hatfield Scrapple For Breakfast & Supper (Ninja Air Fried)

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Have you ever had stewed crackers? How about stewed tomatoes?

Yes, but a long time ago.
Wife doesn't like stewed crackers.
I didn't like them enough to fight for them.:emoji_wink:
I love Tomatoes, but not stewed or Tomato Juice.

Flash back for me! Dad believed scrapple and eggs for breakfast and Braunschweiger with mayonnaise sandwich for lunch was they key to raising healthy, strong kids! Thank you for the fun, relived memories Bear! I may need to keep the tradition going now!

Yup---Scrapple was always a Breakfast meal, but years ago we started having it more for Supper, because we started eating a lot less at Breakfast time. I usually have 2 or 3 Eggs, and maybe a little leftover meat from the supper the night before.
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Make that two of us!! I grew up in Blue Ridge Mountain country in VA plus spent a lot of time in MD for work. Scrapple was a staple in all the little mom & pop restaurants and man did I love that stuff. Have not had it in years but bringing back the memories has me wanting to seek it out again and add it to the menu around here.


Thank You Robert!!
I think just about every small to large restaurant within 30 miles of here has Scrapple on their Menus. However this is a mostly Pennsylvania Dutch area, with the huge Amish area of Lancaster, less than an hour away.
3 of our 4 parents were either PA Dutch or PA German, so all these things are pretty normal to us.
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Here's one, Denny:

I'll give this a go John...Thank you. My mom used to make oyster stew and the only difference (I believe) is you add the oysters and then add the small round crackers.
Basically saltine crackers cooked covered in milk with butter and sugar. Cook on medium low heat until the crackers absorb the liquid. They are awesome with eggs and scrapple
Thanks Peach, I'll give this a try along with Bear's recipe that he provided.
Thanks Peach, I'll give this a try along with Bear's recipe that he provided.
It’s one of the foods that we have at my extended family breakfast on Labor Day. My children had them often for Sunday lunch growing up. Sorry I don’t have an exact recipe it’s one of those things. I’d try a couple cups of milk a sick of butter maybe 3 TBS of sugar and a pack of crackers
Scrapple looks great Bear!! I always make it a point to have some in the freezer ready to go.


Thank You Xray!!
Yup---It's a pretty quick meal---Slice & Fry!
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Good eats there Bear.

I kinda feel like i'm back in Lancaster county with all the Amish here.

That's Great Rick--- Get some of these!! Some of My Favorites!!
Shoofly Pie,
Apple Butter,
Pickled Red Beet Eggs,
Dandelion Greens & Hot Bacon Dressing.
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You've posted a few threads on scrapple and I've looked everywhere around here and just can't find it.

Check that Recipe I added to my original post.
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I never had scrapple Bear, never heard of it growing up out west. Sounds like it'd make a nice breakfast, I'd try it, tho never seen it anywhere in CA or AZ. RAY

Thank You Ray!!
Try that recipe in my original post.
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Thanks for posting this Bear.. I'm going to try it sooner or later.

Thank You IH !!
Scrapple is probably in your stores, right?
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Looks real good John. I've never had Scrapple. I've heard of it, just never had it. Those potatoes look great and as you know, loving those eggs!
Great job.

Thank You Mike!!
Years ago I would have had 3 Eggs, about 4 times as much Scrapple, and Twice as much Home Fries!!!
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Looks great Bear! I just had scrapple a month or two ago. It was "The Meadows" I believe made by Kuntzler's. Wife can't stand it so I only eat it once or twice a year.

I never had "The Meadows", but most Kuntzlers stuff I've had is good!!
Scrapple is funny:
The best I ever had is Hatfield's, and they sell it all over this area.
I've had a lot of homemade & most aren't too good.
I've had Scrapple from a Butcher Shop that makes the best Ring Bologna I ever had, and their Scrapple Sucks!!
And Thanks for the Like, Denny.

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