Hanging meat via toothpicks or skewers

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    I want to try one of these method with my next jerky batch.  Using a toothpick, do you skewer two pieces of meat and then straddle one of the rack's wire between the two pieces?  When using a skewer, I assume you space the pieces out along the skewer so that just one piece of meat goes down between each rack wire?

  2. I have never used toothpicks, I have always used skewers. I think it all depends on your application. I have bought skewers that fit in the rack supports on my mes30. I put the jerky on the skewers, spaced evenly, take racks out and hang jerky in the mes. On my larger homemade smoker that I use oven racks in, I have made some hooks that hang from the racks that I use to hold the skewers under the racks. I have tryed going between the racks before and found it to be a pain. Sorry I have no pics, I think they got deleted.

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    I agree with babcock, use bamboo skewers, they work great, easy to handle, don't break.  I just slide the rack out, put a few pieces on a stick then put it through the grate.  Once you get the hang of it, it goes pretty fast.  I use full length sticks and then break them in half to fill in the gaps.  Don't space them to close you want good air/smoke flow.  I use Q-mats for the little pieces.  

    This is 5.5lbs beef just after I loaded my smoker. 

    Tasty....tasty....good luck!


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    C-Bass & RG,

    Thank you so much for the prompt replies.  Think I'll go out and get some skewers today for tomorrow smoke.
  5. You won't regret using the skewers. Remember we would love to see some q-view once your underway.

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    Craig, another option is to make "s" shaped hooks or buy a shaped hooks. Hooks slip on the grates and easily! I make mine out of old metal hangers.
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    Yes, I'm thinking of using S hooks and just hang the skewers from the bottom of a grate.    Glad to see I'm not the only one who collect metal clothes hangers.  On top of the grate, I could lay a Qmat to support some small pieces.  Just gotta decide on which smoker to use.  Thinking of my Masterbuilt gasser with a needlevalve.
  8. The metal hangers are exactly what I used to make my hooks. Sometimes its a two man operation hanging the skewers, otherwise it works great.

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    What if I have my wife nearby.  Think she'd qualify?  - LOL    If she can bring home tons of fresh King Salmon for me to smoke, I'm sure she could help with the skewers.
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  10. OK two person operation LOL. Bringing Kings home will qualify you for a lot.
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    Craig, you can also use the "s" hooks to hang the skewers. Then it's a one person operation.
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    On the big pit..which is my jerky factory  I took out the racks and cut some skinny tree limbs to span the distance and laid the bamboo swkered? meat strips between the limbs. It was a giant pain in the coola. I have now put the grates back in and lay it flat. Havent noticed much difference in quality. Cuts the manuel labor down by at least an hour or two.
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    Decided to use some of my retired Stainless Steel bicycle spokes.



    Mockup of the bicycle spoke S hook in place on the Masterbuilt gasser grate. I figure 6-8 skewers per grate, but we'll see tomorrow when I start loading.


    Tapayakin' from my iphone
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