Hamburger Steaks, Smothered Potatoes with gravy, Cajun green beans For 250...

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Apr 27, 2017
South Louisiana-Yes, it is HOT
After I finished stuffing the 150# of smoke sausage today, a guy had volunteered to cook for the local 4H awards ceremony tonight. I told him I'd hang around and help him once I finished stuffing the sausage. He really did not need any help and had it under control. I snapped some pics though....


Frying burgers on a big friggin griddle on a trailer...

That rig is owned by the local Sheriff's Department for cooking at police functions and training days. Very cool rig...has a fold down table built in...

The griddle is attached to a home made frame and bolted to the trailer....

Round 3 of burgers...



Burgers going in food service trays with a special sauce from the chef...

Starting the gravy for the taters...

The big 30 gallon pot of smothered potatoes with Cajun smoke sausage....gonna add cheese to it too....

And here is the cooker rig for that pot. It is specialty made...on locking wheels too...

Looking in the door...big BTU burner....

180* view of the other side...

And here is a cool idea...ENABLER ALERT!!! LOL!!!

Tool bag insert and a bucket......for cooking stuff!!! Hell Yeah I like that!!!!
Looks fabulous Keith, and a great time.

Now you want us to believe all that great looking food And you didn’t dip a spoon in anywhere? If that true you’re a better man than me!
looks like they had it down to a science!

Thats a lot of grub!
Looks like yall well prepared to cook and feed a few folks.
How many they plan for?

Some guys construct houses.
Some guys construct meals.
Both of'em need their tools of the trade at hand.
Thanks Chile! They are cooking for 250 people...that's 70# or potatoes and 20# of sausage inda 10# of cheese and a gallon of heavy some other stuff....
Now you want us to believe all that great looking food And you didn’t dip a spoon in anywhere? If that true you’re a better man than me!
looks like they had it down to a science!

Nope...I did not sample any of it. He's a police officer.....didn't wanna get arrested! LOL!!! I told him it looks like you've done this a time or two....he said, yeah....once or twice....LOL!
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Whoa that's some serious cooking equipment!! Everything looks great!
My home town of Gonzales, Louisiana is a SERIOUS cooking town...we are known as the Jambalaya Capital Of The World. Their are a large number of people here that can knock a jambalaya out of the park...serious competition style jambalaya. The annual Jambalaya Festival has a Jambalaya cook off every year....

But people get tired of eating is the go-to meal here to feed a large crowd on the cheap. So that is why this guy is doing hamburger steaks and gravy. Should be a crowd pleaser.... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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