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  1. Looking for a simple recipe for making hamburger jerky and do I need to add any cures to it?
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    If you put the hamburger jerky in your smoker, Yes you will need cure.

    Easy GM Jerky

    5 lbs xtra lean GB 90/10

    3 T non iodized salt

    1 level t cure 1

    1 T garlic powder

    1 T onion powder

    2 t cayenne

    2 t black pepper

    2 t curry powder

    1/2 cup non fat powder milk (used as a binder and flavor but not needed if you dont want)

    1-2 T cold water

    Mix in with meat.

    For a better marrried flavor put mix in plastic bowl, cover and fridge overnight. Extrude with jerky gun onto racks, smoke or dehydrate.

    I like to dehydrate GB jerky. If you do this and want smoke just add 1 t real liquid smoke.
  3. Thanks for the recipe. I will use it a dehydrator
  4. Well I made the jerky with the recipe given and was really good, not hot, not to cold. I might alter it next time, warmer.

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