Guess I can throw the whole 1.5 hrs per pound rule out the window

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Way to keep the smoker busy!

Your wife will get accustomed to the camera eventually. My kids ask me if I took all the pictutes I wanted to get before they start's become a tradition of sorts, and we all have fun with it.

I'll await the finale' on this one!

Same thing here. My wife though I was crazy at first but now she is usually the one taking a lot of the pictures as she doesn't like if I take sloppy pictures. She will come around.
baby backs are on now and at 4:45 it's picture taking time.. My wife asked why I insist on taking photos after every smoke.. I'm just a proud parent I told her and she called me a jack ass 
LOL---I never got the "Jack ass" comment. I used to get what I would guess most of us got for awhile---The old "head-shaking" thing.

That stopped now, and she actually helps with the pictures.

Guess she figured. "If you can't beat 'em---join 'em!".

Yeah, I think we've all been through the camera/smoking process.  In my case, as long as I'm doing the cooking, I can take pictures all I want.  She brings the knife and fork.  Works for me.  Welcome to the mystery's of making smoke and meat come together in a great meal.
Hey, Cromag
  Slow down and you'll have more time for BEER (or what have you).tune that drum to 200* to 220* and enjoy life,

I really hope that brisky was  not burned, but it DID look a bit smallish in the before shot.

In any case, remember to ,
I'm getting a headache just trying to keep up Hahahahha

I will probably start with a UDS so this is is a wonderful thread !

First - my lady already calls me a jack-ass! So I'm good there

Second - taking photos is a great idea because (not only) do you "see" your documentation but your digital camera gives you a tme stamp.  In my profession documentation is critical - so you need all the help you can get. After you enjoyed your feast you can see and calculate progression.

Thank you all :-)

Happy smokin'
I agree with the others about getting a good remote thermo to monitor the food and the chamber.  You food seems to look good but without the sliced shots it is hard to tell is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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