Ground Lean Chicken Jerky & Whole Muscle Eye Round Jerky with Q-View!

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big lew bbq

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Jul 9, 2012
SE Michigan
Decided to smoke some Jerky, Hope you enjoy the Q-View.

The Ingredients I used to spice the 2 Lbs of Ground Chicken.

(The Shot glass has Cure #1 in it.)

All mixed up and in a freezer back to sit over night.

Got the Jerky Gun out and my 12x15 inch Q-Matz and started shooting some jerky.

Little less then 2 lbs, I set some aside to make up some sample patties to make sure the spice and flavor is right before I smoke.

Here is test Pattie #1, Decent flavor but I am going to add some more cayenne for a little more kick!

More Q-View to follow.

Here is the Eye Round Roast I cut up with the Grain, I like my jerky with a little pull to it.

Ingredients I used to Marinate the meat.

All mixed up and in the freezer bag to sit in the fridge overnight with the Chicken.

After a good nights rest in the marinade, I skewered the meat to hang in the smoker.

Gotta Love plastic bins, I use this thing for everything I do BBQ and Smoking related.

More Q-View to following During the SMOKE!
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As soon as I get home from Work today all that Jerky is going into the smoker! I will post more of the smoke Q-View and the finished Q-View as well.
Jerky right out of the smoker.

Got to pat them dry with some paper towel and then into a Brown paper bag to sit over night!


As you can see some of the ends of the sticks got a little "well" done.  I think next time I wont make the sticks as long, or i might shoot them onto the Q-Matz the other direction.

They are still delicious and had the right flavor, however they need to be hotter, so once again I will be increasing the cayenne! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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