Ground beef jerky and fat percentage

Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by thehoz, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. thehoz

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    Hi all, I plan on trying my hand at ground beef jerky next week. One question I have is what percent of fat content is ok? What are the various opinions you guys have? 90/10 is on sale at my local store. But I see some guys using 93/7 and 95/5. Thanks
  2. tropics

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    The leaner the better,fat is what turns rancid.I recommend using  cure #1 when making Jerky
  3. Let us know
  4. thehoz

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    I will. But it wont be until next weekend. I have the jerky gun, jerky mats and some mix coming in a couple days. I am doing ribs today though!
  5. Ribs sound good  be sure abd post a lot of pictures

  6. dirtsailor2003

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    You can use 80/20 if you have to, but the leaner grinds are better. Another option if you have a grinder get some too round or bottom round, trim all the fat and grind it. It's typically cheaper than buying the leaner ground.
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    90/10 you shouldn't have a problem with. I used to dehydrate with that all the time and the jerky never lasted long enough to turn rancid. I do agree that the less fat the better but when your paying 2$ in a difference to make jerky I don't think that's worth it. Are you smoking or dehyrating?
  8. Not trying to get away from the thread title  But I made Pork jerky the other day used pork loin. $1.99 lb.  Kids and grand kids loved it really all you pretty much taste is your flavoring.  Cheap and easy
  9. thehoz

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    i am smoking it

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