Grilled chicken on smoker, first try.

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Jul 5, 2021
The wife already had some chicken breasts marinating, so why not smoke em? 225-250 with super-smoke on the Traeger til 160. Now they’re resting, which I read should allow them to reach 165(?)


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Looks fantastic from where I'm sittin', makes me wish I had a BBQ chicken sanny! RAY
Looks great! You just gotta love that pink tinge poultry picks up from smoking.
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I smoked some chicken breasts on my pellet smoker, and they came out like rubber. Any tips to make them better? I think I smoked them around 225-250. I didn't make any notes because they were so terrible I wanted to forget them. Haha
Looks good. We usually use just Italian dressing for chicken Breasts. Makes everyone happy.
I think that’s the basis of what she used. It came out well, maybe not the juiciest, but not dry. I used the Super Smoke until they actually stalled about 147 ( or I was just being impatient, and I bumped the temp a little. Took them off at 158ish. Next time I won’t use a pan as they got no smoke to the bottom, obviously. There was a decent but not strong smoke flavor. I used hickory.

Thanks for the feedback. Pork butt is thawing in the fridge for tomorrow. This was about setting up the IRF-4S probes and learning a process. The Traegers display showed about 15-20* lower than the probe at grate level. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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