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Dec 17, 2019
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Mornin' Y'all,
I still like to unveil my behemoth Napoleon grill with industrial rotisserie and infrared burner for yardbird and bone in rib roast. I like yardbird spun because the skin comes out nice and done. I've fashion a "mop" sauce based on Nelson's port-a-pit from the midwest. but i digress. I have a small tray that might be seen in the image. I want to light one lower end burner and see if i Can get some smoke into the chamber. I only use one as to not rise chamber temp to cook too fast, as the back burner is perfect. Is there better affordable way to introduce smoke?
Thanks in advance.
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Just get a A-Maze-N adjustable tube and some pellets. Set it away from the heat source and you should be GTG. That is what I use on my Weber Genesis. Offset the heat to one burner and place the tube just off of the lit burner. Works very well IMHO. Good luck. 👍
I've used the Amazn tube on my gasser. Also have used those metal boxes that you put soaked wood chips in and put right down on the burner. Both work good. In fact, I've used both at the same time on a few occasions.
welp. more sh#t to buy. even tho' I rarely use the grill..... until thanksgiving/ christmas,
thank you all.


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