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Original poster
Jan 9, 2017
West Virginia
I've been scrolling for this site for the past few months since I purchased my very first smoker, a 30" MES, and figured it was time to jump in!  

I'm big on pig, lousy with brisket thus far, and have successfully done an elk roast and a bird for Thanksgiving.  My wife considers the smoker an important new addition to our family HAHA!  We are not health-food nuts by any means, but we do our best to fix our own food and avoid greasy, processed food, and the smoker has been a great fit for us.  Our family is pretty active and we love our protein, so most of the time I will smoke meat on the weekend and then we pick at it all week long for lunch and dinner.

Right now I'd put spare ribs at the top of my list in terms of what I like to fix and what I like to eat, but I'm also a big fan of sliced pork butt.  I've really been enjoying making pork burnt ends (pig candy), and I do have some Qview to post for my first thread here in a little bit.

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