got some questions for my build

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Jan 19, 2014
So I am new here as I just posted in the roll call section. Any way I am going to be building my very first smoker and hopefully it will last me a long time! Any way the plan im going with is going to be very similar to myron mixions line of smokers not the jos models but his newer line from seacon fabrications. Its going to be a 48in fully insulated wood smoker. Im going to be using 11ga for the inner walls with a 1in thick insulation and then going to be skinning the outside with 16ga and going to be having that powder coated a textured black more than likely. My questions are should I use a 1in box tubing for the frame or a 2in? I mean obviously bigger the better but what pros and cons are with both. I know the obvious with the 2in where I will have less of a cooking chamber. Now the next is I have the insulation in mind from mc master carr and I can get it in 1 and 2 in thick sheets. I forget the name but I do have it written down but any other forms of insulation should I use? And next to the water pan thats going to be built in to the 1/4 in tuning plate with an automatic water system. Now I know It should be on a float of some sort any info on what i should use for the float? Now I know there is alot of discussion on water pans and not. I prefer it. I have had alot of trial and error on my pos brinkmann and ive found I like the water pan. Once I get the plans loaded up on my phone ill post them sonyou guys can see them. But any help would be greatly appreciated thank you
So the insulation im going to be using is the mineral wool any one have any thoughts on that material?
Hey Jdub good morning...i have heard of a lot of people using mineral wool. I myself am using unfaced fiberglass but will also have Durock between that and CC...looks like a good start keep us posted. [emoji]128513[/emoji]
Yes I have seen alotbof people usingbthe mineral wool as well just really unsure around the firebox it has a temp rating up to 1200 and I know it will be hot in there I just dont think that hot butbi may be wrong and the unfaced fiberglass any advantages to that?
You might try to look up threads pertaining to just that. On another note if your smokehouse gets anywhere near 1200 it probably means the thing caught on fire lol
In the smoker I previously built that I am currently using, I put a thermometer in the fire chamber because I use it as an open flame grill for burgers, steaks, and such.

Anyhow, when I have a rolling fire going, the temp will get up to 800°F at max. Most of the time it's between 450°F-600°F. And that's INSIDE the chamber. The outside surface doesn't get over 300°F, so a 1200°F rating insulation should be more than plenty.
Thanks smokin-aces I figured it wouldn't get that hot so now im off to getting all my supplies ill be sure to post up the progress is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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