GOSM Thermometer WAY Off

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Jul 7, 2005
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Smoked a couple of chuck roast for Sunday dinner and used my new Maverick thermometer. When I got the smoker up to temp via the Mavrick I found that the GOSM thermometer was off by +15 degrees.

My question-Can the GOSM thermometer be calibrated? I'm thinking that I could pull the thermo off and find an adjustment nut to move the dial indicator + or - in the direction it needs to go.

Thanks for your help-
I don't think there is an adjustment on the thermo. But, you should be able to work aroud it by marking (etching if you like) reference points on it per your readings from the Maverick. By the way, what do you think of the Maverick. What did you ever do before you got it?

Fl Bill
LOL-Fl-Bill it looks like you're the Forums first victim of the dreaded "Double Tap". :D If you want, you can go into one of the posts like you're going to make an edit and choose to delete it.

As to "What did I do before I got the Maverick?" Well, I used to have several CHEAP electronic thermometers that went "south", then I relied on my "several" instant read thermometers. It got so that I could take a reading and say "Ok, I'm now at 150 degrees, so in another 40 minutes I'll be at 160.
The Bride got tired of me running "in and out" and in and out and in and. . .anyway you get the picture :roll: So I had to get another electronic thermometer, so why not get the best and the one most highly recommended. :D
Hey Dutch,
You're right about the double tap. I went into the edit mode to try to cancel one of the posts but couldn't find the "delete" key or button. My apologies. Unfortunately, I'm going to be our of pocket for the next few weeks but I'll try to delete it again when I return.

FL Bill
OOPS-my bad!! :D The Post reply page is very similar to another forum that I'm on and there is a an "option to delete" on it. Maybe you can go back in and delete everything and just leave a :D and that way no one but us will ever know that there was a double tap. 8)

I've owned 4 GOSM smokers and haven't noticed any way to calibrate the thermometers on them, it'd be nice to be able to. With the unique mounting of their thermometers I don't think anything else on the market would easily adapt to fit. Regardless, even with the best of thermometers, they will read incorrect because of their placement. The only place to get an accurate "grate level" reading when the meat is located is to have a thermometer next to the meat. The temperature at the door is almost always different than the grate. If you know the difference is 15* then you can just make a mental note and run the temps 15* cooler on the door.

I've heard folks complaining about high dollar Ashcroftâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s being off and calling them all kinds of names, simply because they weren't aware of the temperature differences from the door to the grate.
Bob, That's why I love my new Mavrick ET-73, I can monitor the internal temp of the food with one probe and monitor the smoker temp at grate level with the other and do it from the comfort of my recliner! :D
Gotta love it! When I get a trailer pit I may NEED to upgrade my thermometers.
I have an Maverick ET-7 which you can buy new today for $40 a little less than the ET-73. I think the difference is that the ET-7 is a two meat probe model and the ET-73 is a meat and smoker probe model. One of the ET-7 probes can be used as a smoker probe but once you have your GOSM door thermometer calibrated then the ET-7 may be a better for GOSM users. I find the GOSM temperature to be very stable once set so I really only check it when I am tending to the meat or the wood smoking box. I ran a test when breaking in my Big Block. I had one of my ET-7 probes in the middle of the bottom rack position and the other one in the middle of the top rack position. I monitored the two ET-7 probes as well as the door thermometer for 2-1/2 hours and they never varied over 5 degrees from each other. That is close enough for me to trust the door thermometer. Heck, if I want 210F then 200F to 220F probably be close enough. Afterall, what is a few degrees between friends? I recently cooked 3 back loin rib racks and 3 full loin rib racks. I placed one of each on a grate using 3 cooking grates. One of my ET-7 probes was in the top most full loin rib rack and the other probe was in the bottom most full loin rib rack. During the smoking process the bottom probe was always 3 to 4F degrees lower than the top probe.

To adjust the GOSM just follow what the GOSM manual says to do.

"Remove the heat indicator from the door of the smoker by loosening and removing the mounting nut from the inside. There is a second nut mounted on the back of the heat indicator that can be turned to adjust the heat indicator needle. Set the needle to the current outdoor ambient temperature and re-mount the heat indicator to the door of the smoker."

Now if you are an accuracy nut you may want to use boiling water and adjust your door thermometer to that. Please, lets not get into the discussion of what the boiling point of water is when, where, what, why, elevation, how pure, pressure, etc. The temperature of boiling water is where most of us like to smoke and the basic concept of a water smoker.
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