GOSM smoker variants and other questions

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Feb 26, 2007
Walmart seems to have the GOSM much cheaper than the other places that have it. Is there some difference in the version than Walmart sells versus what the other places have?

Also. have any of you ever had to replace burners? If so, are they easily found?

I'm really leaning towards getting one of these as a backup to my BGE and to use when I just want to light her up and go and not fool with charcoal.
Wal-Marts version is a thinner metal version. I own 1 and have yet to have any problems. Temp or otherwise. As for burners, i haven't heard of anyone burning one out. In my estimation, it is a good product.
SmokeyBear, even the cheapies from Wal-Mart have good burners. It should last many years and will make an excellent back up

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Don't know much about the Wally World version as I try very hard to not darken the door of the place, but if I remember right the GOSM Big Bock burners had a 10 year warranty.
Chad is correct on the burner warranty. Just dug out the paper work on my Wally-World special. My burner is also warrantied for 10 years. As I said earlier, it's a less quality metal for the cabinet. Also: you will not find a "big block" at Wal-Mart.
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