GOSM question

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Mar 12, 2007
Mayville, Mi
I notice the paint on the inside of my door bubbling up this weekend, should I scrape it down and recoat with some high temp or just let it be?
the inside of my lid is doing the same thing, i just lightly scrape down what is loose, spray with some pam and let it season when i smoke.

edit: off topic

i just noticed that you are only 34 miles from me... my missus's has relatives just over in Marlette
Cool, I was beginning to worry abit. 34 miles is just a little trip, small world isn't it. Thanks for the PM too, I'll be making use of that!
My GOSM has not yet shown paint problems. In your case if the GOSM is in regular use the scrape and oil thingy will do well.

I have to put mine up for the winter because of my job requirements. If mine were to show that same problem I would be tempted to repaint only because of the down time.

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