GOSM Minion and Vents

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Original poster
Jun 21, 2007
Hi All,

I recently got a new GOSM from a friend.  I have done a few smokes in it and love the charcoal flavor. I previously had an electric.

I tried the minion method and the thing sky rockets to over 300*.  I can do the normal charcoal method and maintain at optimum temp. I have a wok with legs inside of the original charcoal pan. I'm assuming its getting too much air and that is why the other stuff lights so quickly. I put roughly 1 chimney full in the basket and then put 3/4 of a chimney full on top of that.  I tried closing the vents 98% of the way but it still does this.

I am a little confused on the vents too. My top vent is always 100%. My two side vents I always try to keep as closed as possible. To me, you want more air to come into the smoker to help cool it down but that also help fuel the fire whereas closing the vents would mean less O2 but more heat buildup. 

I know there is a learning curve and Ive done a few smokes with different vent posistions and it just doesnt seem to get quite right.

Please help!
Start with less briq's I would say 10 or less. You can always get the fire going more if you need to, hard to bring it down..Sounds like your running your vents correctly.
I'm afraid that if I don't have enough (I use lump charcoal) that it will defeat the purpose of using the minion method and not last that long. Am I using too much lit charcoal?
In my Silver Smoker, I fill the firebox with about half a bag of Kingsford, then scoop out a spot closest to the smoking chamber (away from the vent) and place about 10 lit briquettes into the unlit charcoal.  With my vent barely cracked and the chimney wide open, I can maintain 200-225 for about six hours without ever opening the firebox.  I think you are putting in too much lit charcoal.
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