GOSM Charcoal Mods

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Jul 12, 2007
I did a search for this and could not find anything in particular for it.

I was thinking about drilling a series of 1/4" to 3/8" holes in the charcoal box where the coals sit. Would this be a good idea or should I leave it alone. I am not sure how to manage the ash control.

thank you.
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I did do a search of the whole forum and all the GOSM mods are for the Propane smoker.

I have the Coal one.

I was thinking maybe drilling the holes on the side...

but the ash is part of the problem as well.
yes. It looks like the one I got from Wally World.

my issue is ash control.

Maybe I don't know how to handle that basic operation. It seems like the ash chokes the coals.

I know in my new Brinkman Smoke'n Pit the coals burned completely... I am impressed.
As I've never used one of these before (much less an actual commercial made smoker) I couldn't tell you any solutions for ash control. do the coals just go in a pan or something with no holes in the bottom? If that's the case, try to find a way to elevate the coals so the ash has somewhere to go (think weber grill style). Thats the best I can tell ya from my non experience. Sorry if it's no help at all.

I just got a better look at the coal box in the bottom of the smoker, it seem to me that all you need to do is elevate the coals some and you'll be set. If you use higher quality coal, you'll have less ash too.
i have the same one. Keep your lower vent flaps wide open. Alot depends how long you are smoking for. Around 3 1/2 hours, you probably will need to start up some more coals in one of those charcoal pipe starters. What I do while that is going on is remove the pan with lit coals and pour in on a big grate I have. Lift the grate and shake off the charcoal dust, then add the burning coals back to the pan. Once the other coals are ready, add them to the pan.
Sometimes I even use a second pan that I have from my R2D2 Brinkman and just swap out the pans.
These are about the only way I have found to get thru a long smoke of 4 to 9 hours.
Another way to get a long steady smoke from charcoal is lay down a layer of unlit coals, then lay a layer of lit coals on top, this can up your cooking time by a lot. The only problem though is ventilation, ash becomes a problem if you don't have anywhere for it to go, I already posted my possible solution for that problem though.
ok, so I don't really need to drill holes in my coal pan.

hmmm... trying to think of a way to elevate the coals.

how high should it be elevated?
Just a couple inches should do ya, if you can find a square grill grate that could fit on top of the coal box so you can get air underneath and the ash can fall. all you'd need then is a border for your coals as they rest on the grate. maybe like a springform cake pan without the bottom, i'm sure they sell big enough ones for that size smoker.
That's some outstanding mods there. I'll have to look around for an elevated basket with some sides on it. Good to see someone else doing the sand thing instead of water.
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