Goose Pastrami and Swiss Cheese Snack Stick

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Apr 27, 2017
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IMO, goose pastrami is one of the absolute best ways to eat a Canada goose breast. Cajuneric made a video on a corned beef and swiss sasuage and that got me thinking...."how about goose pastrami and swiss? But in a snack stick?" keeping with National Sausage Month, and my "clean out the freezer to make room for deer season" quest, I pulled out the last 10# bag of goose breasts I had in the freezer along with a 4.5# bag of beef brisket trim fat. Got that thawing for 2-3 days.


Instead of trying to figure out spice amounts, I went with a tried and true process that is my go to for goose pastrami. I used Hank Shaw's goose pastrami recipe and ratio'ed it out for the amount of meat I had. Mixed it up and applied it to the goose breasts. Vac-packed and in the fridge for about 9 days. I also pulled out a 4.5 bag of brisket trim fat and thawed that out. When thawed, I cubed it up and applied salt and cure only. That only cured for 3 days.

Then time to make the sticks...

I sliced the goose breast thinly to remove the shotgun pellets...



Since the salt and cure have already been applied at 1.75% salt; 0.25% cure #1 I only needed to add the spices. I pulled a few ideas from Cajuneric's recipe to add in...

48g. Black pepper
27g. whole mustard seed
67g. coarse ground toasted coriander seed
1.4g. ground clove
1g. caraway seed
335mL Brandy

No binder because the goose meat is high in collagen

Ground 80% of the goose meat thru a 3mm plate. Took the other 20% and added that to the brisket fat chunks. Ground that thru 4.5mm plate.



Diced the swiss cheese block into roughly 3/16" dice. No pic...

Did snap a pic. in the stuffer so you can see the cheese...

Stuffed into 23mm collagen casing. held in fridge overnight,

smoked low and slow with cherry and hickory to INT 136*F held for 1.5 hours to Log7 reduction of pathogens.

The slice:

Wow! These babies are awesome! One of the best damn snack sticks I have ever made! Will have to see how well they dry though, but right out of the smokehouse they are phenomenal!!!
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Nailed it as usual Keith. That sliced shot is money
Thanks Jake! Had some slight fat out...probably due to a small amount of leaf fat included with the hard deckle fat of the brisket. Hard to tell after it has been frozen so next time I'll do that before freezing. Interested to see how well they dry, and how the spice profile changes. These are really really good right now though! Made these for rifle opener in 2 weeks at the deer club. Should be dry in time....

You ready to jump in and start making sausages?
You sir are an animal! Those sticks look fantastic but the photo that gets me is the ground breast meat. Just something about a good grind.
Glad you got all the pellets out!
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Note- I did rinse the pastrami rub off the goose breasts; same as I would do had I been making regular pastrami. I did not deviate from the flavor I was shooting for.
When I make this again....and that will definitely happen....I might try smoking the coriander seed first for a more true to form for the pastrami I make....the rub gets smoked pretty good when I coat the breasts and smoke for pastrami. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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