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  1. I know this isn't really a smoking gadget, but I've been curious on types of cutlery and which brands are known for their quality.  Can anybody help me out with a little guidance?
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  3. Thanks! This definitely helps!
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    Also try searching "knives" and you'll find probably fifty threads addressing which ones to buy and why. The clear winner here seems to be Victorinox. They do seem to offer the best bang for buck ratio. Incidentally they were also listed as the favorite in Cooks Illustrated and on America's Test Kitchen. I've never owned one but have used them in restaurants and cooking classes and they are very functional and seem to hold an edge. In fact I'd agree that for the price, they're the perfect knife.
    While they're fine for a commercial kitchen, they're pretty much the Chevy Malibu of knives. Maybe I'm weird, but I like to reach for a knife and get a little tingle of pride of ownership. I like the idea that someone cooking in my kitchen will be impressed by my perfectly balanced, razor sharp and beautifully designed chef's knife. Is this petty? Sure it is, but it's how I feel. If money were no object I think I'd plop down he $300 for the Henckel's Bob Kramer carbon steel chef's knife. Hell if money were no object, maybe I'd just I'd call Bob Kramer and have him build me a knife to precisely fit my hand.
    Unfortunately, money is an object.
    So for my money (or lack thereof), the perfect compromise between the wow factor and decent value is the K. Sabatier 10" carbon steel chef's knife. It's pretty, well balanced, somewhat unique and is supposed to take and hold a scalpel like edge. And it's right about $75. I haven't pulled the trigger yet, but soon. Very soon...
  5. Thanks for the info! I have definitely seen a trend of people pleased with their Victorinox knives on other threads, but I wasn't seeing much of a trend of anything else. I guess I saw Henkle pop up a couple of times, but when I looked online for pricing they seemed a little out of my budget. I, like you, would love to get knives custom made, but I feel like I need to improve my knife skills before I commit to something like that.  I'll check out the K. Sabatier for sure. I want a variety, but that sounds like a good workhorse. Thanks again!

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