gasser uds ??

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Why do you want a propane UDS? Just curious on your thinking.

I remember one member made an electric UDS because his apartment complex doesn't allow any type of cookers with flames. I can't remember who it is for sure though.
Yup, that was me on the electric UDS. I'm still abusing it with pleasure. :)  I believe Dutch built the original one. The propane build I'd like to see, keep us posted.
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just thought it would be cool to do!! I was searching for a burner for an old stainless double door referigator and came across a borner that is built into a pan all you would have to do is drill a couple of holes and wal la,  guds  I also checked out meat eaters electric rig, looks good meateater!! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.