Garage sale find

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Aug 5, 2018
Swung into a garage sale the other morning on the way to work. Some gas cans caught my eye. Ended up finding these 3 dexter knives in a box of old steak knives. Anyone familiar with these? They need cleaned up and sharpened.

I took them into work with me to show a few guys and get their opinion. Awhile later a customer saw them and asked about them. He had been a butcher for 40 years and knew all about them. Said he had some and the only brand above them had been bought out by victorinox years ago ! He talked them up quite a bit, and told me to clean them up, sharpen them with a stone and they should be good to go. After the stone sharpening, he said a steel sharpener would keep them in great shape even with constant usage!
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Sharpened them up some at work yesterday. I'm not the best at it, but "they will kill"! Tried one out this morning on a venison roast. Sliced so thin I could almost read through it lol
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