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galvinise mistake

ron d

Joined Nov 30, 2013
i built a gas cooker out of a 60 gallon air compresor tank and its beautiful. my delema is that i inadvertaantly use two peaces of 2 inch square peaces of 1/16 inch plate galvinise in the bottom of it. it will be a huge job to get it out or i would have already. my question is is it so big a deal i need to go through the pain to take it out? my spelling suck i know.


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Is the smoker totally finished?  Can you build a hot fire with the coals directly on the two galvanized plates?  If so, once you have burned off what will burn off at a high temp, I don't think you will have to worry about off gassing from two small 2" square pieces.

If you can't get to the small plates, then I would build as hot of a fire as I could in the smoker and again, once it has off gassed it will reach a point where it should not off gas anymore (and those are very small plates).

Plan "C" would be to spray coat the two plates with high temp grill or engine header paint.  If it's sealed, it should not off gas.  Eventually the smoke residue will seal it up anyway just like it does the rest of the smoker.


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Zinc's melting point is 787.2°F Dont know what temp it starts to turn to zinc oxide (burn) .... If your not near the firebox or fuel source and your below 500 degrees i wouldnt worry abouit it and leave it... Use your own judgment.

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baz senior

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Use a big blow-lamp or oxy-acetylene torch and get it hot, DON'T breath in the smoke. As dward51 say's, it will smoke and gas, this is the Zinc vaporising. You will be left with a yellowish residue, which will wire brush off back to plain steel.

As an apprentice I foolishly tried welding galvanised fence mesh, I had a sore throat and headache for day's. I won't rust though! :biggrin:

I would advise against painting it, as over time the paint will degrade and you are back to square one. It doesn't sound like you have a lot to deal with, so just burn it off and you know it's not going to be a problem.

ron d

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Joined Nov 30, 2013
Thanks I have had it GLOWING RED. So im leaving them. Thanks for the help

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