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Aug 4, 2006
Southside of Chicago
Hello everybody! as I have said already I'm new to the smokin' world. Well I started this past spring. So that's still fresh meat. Anyway my grand parents have a summer place in Woodhaven Lakes. They moved to Arizona about two years back, so I started going there almost every weekend for the past year for the upkeep of it(it's only two hours from Chicago, out in the country). Well my grand father has a turkey fryer that is also a smoker. It is a Masterbuilt 7-in-1 smoker it is about 10 years old and my grandfather said he has never smoked a thing on it and only used it to fry turkeys. Needless to say he has no Idea how the smoker part works. I've gone to the Masterbuilt web site and read the manual And read all other info about this smoker. The info for it is very limited if any! It is a propane smoker and I'm having trouble keeping the temp. down to about 230 degrees and keeping it there. My question is am I suppossed to use the propane all the time or am I supposed to use charcoal and wood chips or just wood chips and chunks and just use the propane to just light the coals/wood. And when I use chunks and they burn up and stop smoking do they give off heat. Am I supposed to take them off and replace them with new chunks of wood. Its nice to have a place that I can ask questions and not feel stupid. To go and talk to some one about my new addiction. By the way it has been going on 5 days since my last smoke session and I'm going through withdraws. Only a couple hours longer till I'm off for another smoke filled weekend. Any info you can share would be great!
Hi Big E, Welcome to SMF.. I don't have a turkey smoker as you do BUT, I have a weber that uses propane just to light the charcoal then I turn it off after the coals have started. Soo I hope that helped ya .. grab a chair and a beer and smoke some hare..

thanks joe like I said there isn't a whole lot of info about this smoker so anything is a real help! About how much charcoal do you think would be needed to reach 230 degrees
That's the million dollar question, I usually place in a gallon of coals to warm it up and there is also another factor on the weather how hot or how cold it is. After you get some nice coals going, place a handful more on when the temp starts to drop some. I never used a smoker like yours but you'll have to get the feel of it. It takes time but you'll get it.. do you have a url of this smoker you have? I'd like to see it.

I don't really know what a url is. (pictures???) but as soon as I learn how to set up my camera I will. Looks like using pics. is the was to go. Everybody wants to see all kinds of pics.
that is pretty much it but with smaller lower pan and black with no shelf. that is kinda like mine on steroids.
Big-E, Welcome to Smoking Meat Forums. With close to a 1000 members (though not all are active) on this board, hopefully someone will have some knowledge about your 7 -in-1 unit. Looking forward to your posts.
Never seen that particular one before, but it looks like it ought to be like a propane ECB. I would start out working from those instructions if I couldn't find any for the particular model and change as needed to make it work on this smoker.
Welcome Big-E! Sounds like you've got a great hand me down from Grandpa! That kind of stuff is priceless. Figure out how to make her purr, take care of her, and she'll reward you with some great treats. I wish I could offer up some direction on how to use that type of smoker, but I've never even seen one. Once you get the basics of that type down (how to fire up the coals, regulate temp, impart smoke,...), you can then get all of the food and technique tips you can handle from the members of this site. Enjoy your smoke!!
Welcome Big E

So where in Chicago are you?

I grew up on 59th Street.

I venture into the older neighborhoods for the only true Q in Chicago.

Barbara Ann's for links and tips, and a few other places on the South side. Still need to get to Honey 1 on the West side.

BTW, Mack is back at Uncle John's!!
Welcome Big E!!!!!!

i believe a friend of mine has a simular unit. if he is smoking with it and not just grilling i will see if he as any advice. im visiting him tomorrow for the race, and since we will have 4 hours of conversation im sure i can remember to bring it up.

its nice to finaly have you here, we have been waiting. you can be the master of the 7-1 gill and give advice to others who will come in with questions.
Welcome Big E. Keep us in the know, how things come out as you learn to use your equipment. Somebody here may not have the exact smoker you are using, but I am sure the techniques are the same.
thanks everybody you guys sure know how to make someone feel welcome. My smoker is kind of like an ecb propane smoker...thanks cajunsmoker
I'll look into that. As to where I'm at in Chicago Willkat98. I'm really across the street from Chicago in the suburb of Burbank. you said you grew up on 59th st. where are you now. Maybe you can tell me some good places to go. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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