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Free smoker...... Or how free is never free


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Hey everyone ;

A few weeks ago, my neighbor across the street approached me when I get home from work, and asked me if I wanted his bbq grill. Now, i'm known as that guy who smokes everything. I have a Masterbuilt 40" Electric, a Pitboss 820, and a Pitmaker Safe smoker. When I fire any of them up, I fill the couldasac with the smell of 'Someone Is Smoking.'

So he asked me if I wanted his bbq smoker, because if not he was going to throw it away. I came over and checked it out, just to make sure I wasn't getting some POS.

It was an Oklahoma Joe Highland smoker!! So I said yes, rolled in to the garage, and went out with my other neighbor for pizza.

Next day, I clean it out, and throw some wood in it to see how it works. Within 2 hours, I knew why he got rid of it. The temp on the firebox side was over 400 degrees, and the other side was around 210-225. Totally uneven cooking.

Last weekend, I decided to cook some ribs that I had in the freezer. Controlling the temp was impossible. They came out burnt and over smoked, or under cooked. For the life of me, I could not control the temperature. I had even put in a piece of sheet metal to act like a baffle. I was sitting on my chair, just looking at it after the ribs were done, and saw the flame from the wood thru the seams of the firebox. So, knew what I needed to do.

Took the firebox off, took it to work, and split open the firebox, cleaned up the surfaces, and had my friend Steve weld it together.

I also had him put some flat steel around the opening on the firebox.


So now the firebox is airtight.

My next mod is to put a baffle plate in, and maybe relocate to chimney down to the grate level.


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A free smoker and beer payment for fixes...now THAT'S a great day!


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Add some upper air inlets to the FB... The air from those inlets, moves the heat from the FB to the CC WITHOUT adding any air to the fire....

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