Franklin and Mueller discuss brisket

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  1. Thought this was a pretty good little article, worth sharing.

    Franklin and Mueller are pretty much Gods in the world of Texas briskets
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    I listen to you Gary! [​IMG]  and I don't even know who those guys are anyway.I take that back, I've heard of Franklin's. Maybe some day get to try it out. 
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  3. Thank you timberjet, what a nice complement.  Those guys are at the top of the game here in Texas, Both are fantastic. But I was cooking briskets then those guys were in diapers.

  4. Hello.  Good tips there.

    Hey Gary.  After reading the article I spotted the MAJOR flaw in our brisket smoking technique.     Those 2 guys are getting paid to pass on the same advice we are giving away for free.  [​IMG]   Keep Smokin!

  5. Danny, you hit the nail on the head. Funny story, My wife has said several times over the years I needed to start a BBQ school,  She said the other day "If you only got paid for all the time you spend on the computer giving advice, you could be driving a Bentley"

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    That is  EXACTLY how I've been satin' I do mine since I've been on SMF.....

    That's why "Oldschool"

    and that's why I preach...
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    Good read, except the part that says "Know how to position it. Set the brisket on the cooking grate fat side up. You want the fat to melt through the meat to moisten and provide richness". The fat does not penetrate the meat at all.

    From "Fat cap up or down, on or off? The argument is as old as Texas. I asked my beef consultant, Dr. Antonio Mata, a meat scientist and a former Consulting Technical Coordinator to the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, if fat will melt and penetrate the muscle fibers. His reply was simple and unequivocal. "No way." I asked him to elaborate. "The fibers are packed too close for large fat molecules to squeeze in. Since about 75% of the muscle is made of water, and oil and water don't mix, it is just going to melt and run off."
  8. it's called basting 
  9. I'll go with the guys who are known for brisket instead of the guys whos website is about ribs  [​IMG]
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    I've never injected a brisket. I have had such good flavor with only S&P that I don't think I'd ever try a rub either. I just love the smokey beef flavor. You can call me a Franklin fan!

    Great video: 
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  11. I have found people in different parts of the country grew up liking different things no better example than BBQ. I have been fortunate to work and and try BBQ from all over the country, I am a pretty open minded guy that will try anything at least once. I live and grew up in Texas so I am partial to Texas style Q but one of my very favorite places is McClards BBQ in Hot Springs AR.

    Over the many years I have been smoking I've tried all kinds of rubs and other stuff, but on my briskets I only go with Salt and Pepper " heaver on the Pepper"  Just want to be able to taste that great brisket I just spent a bunch of hours smoking.

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    I'll be trying something new this weekend, will post here if it turns out good enough.
  13. I have developed into a salt & pepper only guy about 98% of the time, 

    this came after many many different iterations of rubs and marinades, even tried injecting a time or two, never had good results with injecting brisket

    I did like several I made with rubs made with coffee grinds as the main ingredient

    Now days its almost always just the simple S&P for me, little bit of cayenne mixed in sometimes if its just for the wife and I (wife loves spicy stuff),

    and every now and then I will use Claudes Brisket Marinade and let the whole thing soak in the marinade over night
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    I use Franklin rub recipe from YouTube
  16. the graduated one where he adds a little bit of this or that and says "this will now be good for X type of meat"?
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    Yes that one.
  18. Hi.  OH MAN!  The Gaunlet has been thrown down so to speak.  [​IMG]   Fat up or down?  Next will be soak the chips or not??  No disrespect meant but "my beef consultant"?  So you keep this person on retainer like a lawyer??  I'm sorry this sounds confrontational; I don't mean it that way but c'mon.  Just how many briskets has your DR. smoked over the last 40 years??  I tend to find fact and figures men have VERY little practical experience.  Book learning!  I am pretty sure between us gary s and I have about 80 years experience.  NOT to mention oldschoolbbq.  Another Tx. born and bred smoker with YEARS of experience.  We learned "old school".  We learned from watching the old men.  No therms back then.  You had to "feel" the heat from the smoker. and then judge when the brisket was ready to be pulled off the smoker.  Some folks try to dismiss the method now as "magic, vodoo, or we just don't know what we are talking about".  How do you think the old timers cooked a brisket?  Do we assume all their briskets from 100 years ago were inedible?  I think not.  Salt and pepper.  DONE!

    Having spouted my opinions; I always recommend new smokers get a good dual probe therm and use it!

    ALSO!  Just my way but I turn my brisket about every hour.  Keep Smokin!

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