Frankensteined Baked Beans/Pork and Beans in the slow cooker done

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Jan 1, 2020
Sacramento, Calif.
Hey All,

So finally did the meal.

2 15 oz cans pinto beans drained
1 cup stubbs bourbon brown sugar bbq sauce
1 cup dark brown sugar
1/2 cup kosmos Honey chipotle killer bee
1/4 cup molasses and honey
1 small can of tomato paste
3/4th green bell pepper
2 jalepenos
1 sweet onion
1 pack applewood thick cut bacon cut into 4th's and cooked a bit before goin in
1 pack little smokies not the beef ones

Cooked 4 hours on low. I think it will thicken up a bit but really I am ok with the soup. I also wanted larger chunks of "stuff". when I made my chili all the veggies withered away. It was smashing good. I paired it with a pork tenderloin rubbed with the honey chipotle killed bee and sauced with the stubbs bourbon and brown sugar.
bcked bean.jpg
Looks tasty. Never tried adding the lil smokies before. Thanks for the idea.

If u seen my posts, you know I tend to plan ahead and really think out my meals. There are only two of us and we're older and poor and in calif so hard to do big meals even this way I tend to vacuum and freeze half our meals. I had hard time deciding on the meat for this pork and beans/baked beans meal. I wanted sweet bush's type beans but I also wanted a protein other than bacon to make it heartier.

I posted a few threads here and got some fine ideas I was originally gonna sear and put in part of the tenderloin but that's too much imo for us two. We didn't have much ham here besides diced and lunch meat then I saw these little smokies that are about the same size as a small hot dog round wise.

PERFECT!!!!!! Cut em into little rounds and they worked fantastic. They had a beef and a mixed so being as I was doin a sweet and bacon themed bean I went with the mixed though not sure it really makes any difference. Bowl is zoomed in of course so pieces look bigger than they are LOL :<).

Did thicken quite a bit but probably still pretty thin I haven't reheated any yet so goin by looks in fridge. Any idea on thickening? Maybe just a bit of corn starch? I wanna keep a similar yet slitghy wetter consistency as pork and beans/ Bush's beans which are kinda dry imo
Yeah I was gonna freeze half after the ole lady gave a "It's a little spicy" comment last night. I got back from a Dr's. appt. after posting this afternoon and found a big ole empty bowl and a smile on her face. Guess I won't be freezing any of that for later O.o.

not the whole bowl lol guess i better stipulate before I get yelled at lol
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